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  • Yeah, it does seem suspicious, but I'll remain hopeful. xD

    I'm doing well. It's VERY hot over here, not to mention that I'm under slight stress of waiting for the results of entrance exams - I'm dying to know whether I made into college or not. How are you? And how's the weather over there?
    Yeah, that was back then when people thought Ash and Trip actually had a shot for a rivalry. :p
    It's not that people can't handle that, they can't handle the fact that someone is complaining about something that hasn't even happen and is likely not to happen.

    I don't honestly see how, with Alder and Trip around, you can see Iris being the star of this tournament. Let alone with Ash's new rival debut.
    It's not like that Dragonite is being handed over to Iris so easily. What bad writing is for example, was when Dawn got Togekiss. She got no bonding time with it was given to her. Iris is shown bonding with the Dragonite. And we don't lknow how far Iris is going in the tournament. She could very well lose to Langley in the first round, providing development for Dragonite.

    And the only slap in the face to Ash was & will only be when Tobias wrecked him with Darkrai & Latios.
    I don't think there's anything to worry about since Ash and Trip have more of a reason to reach the finals of the junior cup together.

    I'm pretty sure that this tournament regardless of the Dragonite is going to focus on Iris. Unless they want a Sawk vs Throh level situation with Iris and Drayden.

    Only problem is unless, there's another tournament prior to the league, this has to be the gateway tournament to the league. This might be it until after the league.
    Well, I'm fine with Pansage being unevolved, though I wish he another Pokemon, possibly part of basic, middle, and final stage, and at least reach it to its middle stage. That said I am annoyed that Stunfisk hasn't received a win yet.

    Iris on the other hand. Emolga is tiny, but okay, and about Axew. Well....the writers chose for it to be constantly out of its Poke ball, just to copy Dawn who copied Ash simply because a Pokemon HAS to get a whole bunch of screen time, simply because Ash's Pikachu is doing it.

    That's why it's very likely WHY Axew hasn't evolved yet. Because it lives in Iris's hair. Maybe marketability has something to do it. But I really thought Tomioka was going to come through with the "promise" that Axew would reach its final stage, which likely won't happen until Iris makes a guest appearance in 6th gen (assuming Ash will be in the 6th gen anime).
    btw it's called Emolga with an L, not Emonga with an N. Emonga is the japanese name and Emolga is the english name.
    you're right god forbid any female character have any sort of confidence, they should be crying all the time about how weak they are compared to the guy characters-_-

    Oh, sounds very major indeed. At least you'll be done with college for good in a while, what do you plan to get a job as? And what did you major in?

    Are you a fan of Nobunaga's Ambiton + Pokemon?

    D'awwww well haha true I guess XD
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