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  • Oh, I just thought so since you usually prefer the English names and probably didn't notice what happened in the Deino episode. So I thought you were an adamant dub watcher who occasionally watches subs.
    Characters like Georiga, Iris, May, n' Paul have gotten development but kept the personalities that we know and love them for. In Iris's case, you'll notice in the Drill Buster episode she learned the errors of her way and understanding her Excadrill's feelings and getting a long range move to use. In the Deino episode she got development as well, but then again I imagine you don't watch the episodes raw.

    No. Yes. And I imagine they'll start having her do more when they stop siphoning screen time away on useless ****.
    I don't think she looks at her Excadrill as "the answer to everything". Axew wasn't used because it's a physical competition, and he only knows Scratch as a physical move and Outrage is dangerous. And I do see them going somewhere with the Dragon Buster/Dragon Master thing with her relying more on Axew.

    Considering he has an active goal and gets ample amounts of screentime and a rival, I at least expect something since the writers are going out of the way to not make him Brock 2.0. Isn't really the case with Iris since she gets pretty crap amounts of screen time to actually do anything and when she does she develops.
    I'm actually glad to see Ash and Scraggy progressing due to getting the luck of the draw and the writers powering up Scraggy to make him look improved , on the otherhand Pansage getting wrecked by Sawk and Excadrill getting pounded by Throh was expected, especially in Pansage's case given it's lack of training.
    Just gotta say, Bianca's win was a complete cheap way to knock Trip out of the Donamite. Plot hax, and improvement my ***. Just wanted to vent :p

    Yeah, and Iris deserved to beat Burgundy btw.
    No she doesn't. iris does not go around saying she's the best trainer ever or even close to that. She handled her defeat to Masaomi in a beautiful respectful way. She looked at Throh's power and admired it. Someone who's arrogant and vain wouldn't do that.

    When Iris won the first tournament, did she go bragging and rub it into everyones face? No she didn't.

    if you're gonna throw the word conceited around, use it one someone who fits the bill. Georgia's the one who's full of herself and makes excuses when she loses.
    How is Iris conceited? does she say stuff like "get away from" and "don't talk to me"? no she doesn't

    Iris was seen cheering for both ash and cilan during the tournament, would a conceited person do that? NO
    Well Ash's "Vintage" is Pikachu, and I for one do not want Ash to only use Pikachu (well quite frankly I don't want that thing used at all). Honestly A Magikarp with just splash is better than using Pikachu.

    I have doubts Throh's trainer will be in the finals, however. Sure he looks important, but then again it could be because he was last year's Donamaite tournament winner, and we've seen champions of something lose in the first round of the tournament.

    And also because I think Throh's trainer being in the finals significantly lowers Bianca's chances to be in the finals. I don't expect Ash, Iris or Cilan to reach the finals, especially if Throh's Trainer is to make it far along with Bianca.

    Also if that does happen, I have to question the whole point of this tournament. I means sure its great Bianca is a threat, it's also fabulous that Scraggy is being used in official battles. But is making Bianca a competent rival, really the end game for the Donamite? Especially if means making Trip look even more pathetic.
    Except I highly doubt Georgia's potential Bisharp will be able to beat the Emboar that potentially could belong to Bianca, so I'd fail to see the point, if it was Bianca who won if Iris ended up in the finals. Since Bianca vs Iris does nothing for anyone, unless Bianca won, which would show her as a more formidable opponent. But it would mean more if Bianca beat Ash.

    Sure that begs the question as to why their focusing on Bisharp, but eh I don't care, if Ash's Scraggy does beat Simisage, I'm more curious to know what will happen there.
    Yeah like I told Grei even if it was a test, it is stupid to just let you pokemon getting knocked out due to that, how would the actual pokemon feel towards the trainer? lol

    If he though it was enough and Satoshi had proven himself, he could end the fight for example, that would be "testing" him.
    I'm not ordering you or anything. But could you add some of the information to the first post of the 5th gym battle thread? Like the name and the new scan found.
    The summaries are not exactly the same, but are very similar. I'm pretty sure the new summaries don't reveal anything massively important.
    They didn't really promise, but when Trip walks away Ash does call out 'Next time, I'll beat you!' Trip was concerned when he left that he needed more training because if he couldn't beat Ash easily, so it meant he wasn't ready to face Adler yet.

    As for Iris, he just thinks that it's rude to Ice-types not to like them, that's all. Iris doesn't think so.
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