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  • However there are only 3 posts who concerns about CitSere (the one who had SatoHika as an semi-OTP and another who prefered Satoshi x Shooti).

    Majority has opinions about only SatoSere. The majority ones are positive in every case. The one who has an hostile reaction was from the SatoPika fan.
    Mmmm... if my lacking japanese is correct, they're assuming they're multishippers (Besides... in Japan there are still people who still ships SatoHika as an OTP, according to that tweets. So, they're has SatoSere and CitSere as a 2nd option).

    Still one tweet is about someone disliking SatoSere in favour of SatoPika (yeah, there are pokephylia fanatics in Japan) and another one cuz of SatoKasu.
    Yeah... and someone calls Satoshi and Kasumi a siblings relationship, another said that the fiery head is more like an one-chan (yeah, with that, I remembered Kyousuke & Kirino from Oreimo' dynamics being veeery similar to Satoshi and Kasumi chemistry). Someone called SatoKasu a ripoff of Goku x Bulma' relationship.

    So, yeah, full of nonsense and mostly talks about SatoKasu. The only things related to SatoSere was the "not sure if they are osananajimis (childhood friends)" and the lover and an user said that they have a sore relationship between a man and a woman compared to the classmate dynamics of SatoKasu and actor thing of SatoHaru. Granted that forum isn't very massive.
    Let's start from the start (thxs to google translate. Some phrases were adapted to me in order to understand)

    Thread Title:
    サトシとハルカ←夫婦っぽい サトシとヒカリ←カップルっぽい サトシとセレナ←??
    (Satoshi to Haruka <- Fuufu-ppoi. Satoshi to Hikari <- Kappuruppoi. Satoshi to Serena <-??)
    (Satoshi and Haruka <- Couplish. Satoshi and Hikari <- Couplish. Satoshi and Serena <- ??)
    (TN: 夫婦っぽい and カップルっぽい means the same. The title is merely a words' game)

    1st comment


    (Kono futari ga Ichakora shiteru tokoro wo souzou dekinai. Yahari make heroine da na (emi))
    (I can't figure a place where those two are flirty. Sure it would be a defeat for the heroine (xDD))
    (TN: Ichakora is the same for Icha Icha. Means flirty).

    2nd comment


    (Nande sonna koto iu no... kawaii jan')
    (Say it for yourself... It's soo cute)

    3rd comment


    (Kasumi to ka iu juushichi nen mae no Heroine)
    (Kasumi was the heroine 17 years ago or something).
    (TN: This comment was out of context. The thread title says about SatoHaru, SatoHika and SatoSere. I think in Japan there's still some "genwannaazu" lurking in forums).

    4th comment


    Uso da!)
    (Response to 3rd comment.
    It's a lie!)

    5th comment

    (Koruni taso!)
    (It's corny!!)
    (TN: word's games with corny adjective and Shalour gym japanese name. Corni)

    6th comment

    (Kasumi wa dou natta no sa)
    (That's what Kasumi has become)

    8th comment (it's listed as 6th' too. Maybe numbers are users)


    (Kasumi wa kyodai-tte kanji)
    (With Kasumi it felt more like siblings)
    (TN: I felt somewhat WTF with this comment. Hinting that SatoKasu was more like KyouKiri from Oreimo).

    There's no point into translate each one of the posts. It's full of nonsense and Out Of Context answers of the topic question.
    I just use my Facebook, put it in private mode and upload the scans. Before, I was using photobucket but it's a pain in the *** sometimes.
    Yikes, yeah looks like I misinterpreted it. I think the guy was referring to when Takeshi notices something wrong with one of the Nurse Joys and Officer Junsars when TR dresses up like them and what if the same happens with Serena?

    Haha, sorry I got you mixed up with my misinterpretations. :p
    Anyway, thanks for finding it. I'm all cleared up with that now.
    Oh crap, now you're making me find it again. JK :p
    Anyway, Once I've found it I'll post it and let you know. Provided that this person didn't deleted that post that is.
    Lol, why the sudden interest?
    Well, I also find it weird that I was the only one who was able to recall that post. Sorry for my vague memory but I couldn't remember if it's based on a scan or just someone who just said it randomly. I'll try to find that post.
    Meh, got tired looking for it. It's a hundred pages back. :p
    Anyway, If it's just a bluff, I'd be very happy. That quote "I have no feelings for him" or whatsoever kinda bugs me up until now TBH. :/
    Hello there! Thanks for accepting my Friend Request! Sorry for not talking to you earlier.
    Hm....well finding a job can be a huge pain now a days. Would it be permanent as a career?

    Lol, indeed.
    It's going well, I went to a football tryout recently for college and have to return to it again Thursday, the coaches were talking positively about me last time so I feel a bit more confident about day two. And otherwise school is pretty chill as well, I really should do siginificant studying for the next ACT though.
    It truly isn't, I just can't resist a very good debate and possible wank. :p Tumblr is my haven for more calmer/fun stuff and I usually only come here when I can find a topic to ping my interest or for manga stuff. :p
    Heh, it's nice that your folks are so supportive :D

    Sounds neat, at least you have established a plan and a schedule. ^^

    Eh, 7 months wasn't THAT long ago. I'm sure a job will come round soon enough. *fingers crossed*
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