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  • Pretty much the same.

    Better late than never. :D I don't have my license yet either as I don't really require it yet or have a car haha. But I'm planning on getting it eventually.
    Happy New Year hehe. :D

    Ah good luck with that. I hope 2014 is the year you find yourself a great job. ^^
    Well then that's some strong admiration XD

    Anyway, even so, people should be respectful of other shippers. I dislike it when other AmourShippers start bragging about their ship or whatever. It is very disrespectful of others. Sometimes people take shipping way too seriously lol
    It is a fair POV, you are right. But keep in mind that there are annoying shippers in each ship too, not just AmourShippers. Having said that, some AmourShippers are coming off very rude to other shippers by rubbing it in their face that it will be canon. But no one knows for sure. If the writers want to make it canon, they will. If not, they won't. There is no reason for all the shipping wars because it is pointless imho. It's not like the writers are going to be influenced by it or anything lol. People need to grow up and enjoy their ship but at the same time respect other people's shipping. It is getting pretty ridiculous. I am so thankful I wasn't there for the original PokeShipping VS AdvanceShipping wars back in the day lol
    i know who he is, he's the one who did that pic where ash and serena are holding hands (people cropped out out bonnie and clemont in reposts, how rude ._.).
    aaah, that's like the style i'm aiming for....it's obtainable, i think, but i have to improve my overall style because it's so **** right now X'D
    Yeah. OMG, I hope Serena realizes that Ash has zero interest in romance and that she drops the jealousy stuff. xD
    Well it's France after all. :p I just hope they don't do that too often.

    Serena will totally get jealous though. xD
    Agreed, I wasn't the only one who said be patient, why everyone including Sun on my case? I wish a Drew character was made, not only to develop Serena, but make them learn the price of high expectations. I'm glad that I have Ash and Hilda a niche pair than Ash and Serena, at least their interactions are because they are close like friends/siblings, Ash and Serena just act as friends before I bring them together, and that's the climax of the XY saga, a long wait to go (my story I promoted that everyone seems to never comment about).
    I can't say this on the thread since Sun is on my case (I know she's neg rep me too), but I'm not trying to be on edge, but this is the issue I have with shipping, people expect too much or blame the writer s for doing what any sane writers do and develop the ship at a slow and steady pace. We had our fun, now there's a Kalos plot and other characters need development too.
    sahfkjdsh AAA-AAH F*CK I'm sh-sh-shaking I'M REALLY INTERESTED IN THIS DOUCHEY ASH (it seems pretty easy enough to translate, i might try in my spare time, especially the second one ;w;)

    Ash is such a f*cking player
    Ah, good luck! I hope you find something :D

    The way Ash threw the pictures of all the girls in one of those comics makes him seem like an arrogant prick who can get every girl he wants lol. He grins kinda smugly. xD
    I think Ash is highly affected by the people he's traveling with. Since both Iris and Dento were pretty experienced, it made him seem a bit more childish in comparison (plus, both of them kinda encouraged that kind of cutesy behavior...hehehe)

    In my headcanon, May is shorter, Dawn is taller. I don't think the artists care about using the settei after a while lol.

    I think it's funny how amour folk get bothered by ANYTHING that seems to threaten their ship?? lol have they ever multishipped before?? that was so non-threatening, it's Clemont going for ASH they should look out for :p
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