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  • He was the little kid! And Dento and Iris were his very concerned guardians :3 I loved that dynamic; I'm not sure how I can describe this one though...it really just seems like a buncha friends going on an adventure together with bonnie generally leading the way

    I've noticed that! I thought it was just wonky perspective with her being in the front/closer to the camera most of the time? Clemont seemed taller than Ash too in some scenes 0_0 I kinda want to think that Ash is the tallest for once, because...come on, he's always on the short end of the stick :p
    i'm used to shipping stuff like coma and cafemoah and negai, what do you expect????

    At the beginning, I was all for him reciprocating her feelings, like it seemed like a possibility! But now, I don't want it to happen because I know the fandom's gonna blow its top if that happens. And anyways, he has to actually give a crap about her first (keep cooking for him, serena...that's what dento did and it (kinda) worked...)

    I keep forgetting that I also ship diode lol. multishipping is so tiring X'D
    I would have never guessed, lol.

    While I enjoy being critical of my ships, I'm getting really tired of all the hate it's getting (and it's getting to the point where they fandom kinda IS getting unbearably large...).

    Sigh, I can't have nice things.
    [ I don't know when it'll be finished, I hope you won't ask me that again.

    So far, I have just one chapter, could you please read it? If you like it, I can inform you every time I post a new chapter.

    20 wins in Super Single. ]
    Ah, that's the one I proposed in relation to Serena's goal. :p She could battle the Maison leaders, the Battle Chatelaine girls.
    [ I'm not playing that much now, I'm mostly working on my new fanfic. It's the first time I'm doing a fic that's not super PokeShippy, aside from a South Park/Pokemon joke crossover oneshot I once did.

    Anyways, I don't have one set team, I just raise an EV trained Pokemon if I feel like it, and have various Pokemon to choose from for Battle Maison and battling friends. ]
    Well, the story has just started, there's plenty of time for that. :p

    Honestly though, I'm not asking for Ash to crush on Serena or like her romantically. I'd be content if he simply grasped the concept of a feeling deeper than friendship. He doesn't even have to get with anyone, I just want him to stop being so damn dense.
    pokemon is under arrest for messing with my heart WOW that was awful i never want to experience that again
    *looks at the pictures again, tattoos it on brain*
    Sigh...I'm not. I don't like it when the fandom gets like this...I can't even post in the shipping thread because a lot of it is "defending" the ship or whatever and I'm not really for that...I like making up cute headcanons and poking fun at it more and people are taking it way to seriously. I might need to step away from the fandom a bit, or wait until the next episode to refuel my shipping feels for it :/

    And I understand why people might not see it as romantic or whatever, but...I DON'T CARE????? LIKE I SERIOUSLY DONT CARE, HARDLY ANY OF MY SHIPS ARE ROMANTIC ANYWAYS, like...what does it matter??? Why can't I just ship it on the basis that I like their interactions and I think it has a lot of potential? Now i'm feeling guilty whenever I might think that Ash MIGHT return the favor in fanart or headcanons or whatever because 1) it's hard to characterze and 2) I'm being largely hypocritical by saying that you shouldnt hate amourshipping because of its one-sideness/fandom when that's kinda why i didn't ship ikari.

    i'm just feeling down about it, man.....

    Haha, I really want that to happen, but what are the chances that they both want to go to Kalos at around the same time? :p (Serena joins the fight too)
    Hey, yes, though I actually think there are better options for drawing anime style, like Sai, or Comic Studio, I still prefer good old PS. I'm more experienced with it anyway.

    I personally wanted to study something related to arts, something adressed to the videogames/ entertainmet industry, but sadly there is nothing like that in my country. But I'm still trying to learn on my own. lol
    Hmmm...both of the ships are based on potential rather than actual canon-ness, tbh XD Like, they didn't EXACTLY play negaishipping according to my headcanon, until maybe that really shippy 'break-up' episode. It took a little bit longer for Negai to build up than Amour, so...probably at this point, Amour? But we'll have to see how this all plays out before I make a final judgement :p (because srsly, I didn't expect negai feelings to pop up so suddenly near the end of BW, it was really embarrassing)
    Well, eventually they'll all have a fair share of criticism to give him lol. I mean, it's expected. Ash is pretty experienced, so when starting out, of course he's gonna seem more competent than he actually is.

    The opinions of the girls kinda even out in the end. With Misty/Iris warming up to him/seeing him as more competent as time goes on wihle Dawn/Serena will probably see him as more human/prone to mistakes but still kinda cool.
    that's what shipping does to you, you think that you're all logical and level headed and suddenly, shipping feels. man down. you cannot go on.
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