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  • Ah good to hear from you. I'm about the same as usual.

    You know, I'm actually not surprised. You've been very inactive. It's sad to lose you, but we'll figure something out. Hopefully you can come back to the site again sometime. Thanks for coming back to let me know. Guess we'll NPC Raven, though we're gonna miss Fossil. Such a creative character you had.
    Delta and Bron definately. Vampirate would be on if her internet was any good apparently.
    Oh, all right. Well, I have a Skype group and you're welcome to join. Of course, Bron is hoping to finish TT. How you been doing?
    No he is not. Like half the villains are with him. Ask Vampire for specifics. Also Cat and Golem are around. We need you active Grass. Raven is very much required for this arc, and the RP by extension, to conclude properly.
    Actually the RP takes basically small breaks, where there's no activity for a while then a bunch of people post all at once. It's not dead and it's about time for Raven to close the last portal and we move on to the next stage. Fossil would be with the people in City Hall killing demons that have taken the building over. So yea the RP ain't dead, but I'd like to finish it if possible. We're quite close.

    Fighting the Sons and Psimon, then Trigon himself.
    Thank you very much! You can still do that though. They're both your characters and you know what they feel and think. Put both in the same heading, and just write as you were but together and not separate until they actually separate. It just gets really confusing to time when people speak when there's so many characters in one place. This is basically all of us who are playing gatheredin the same place. Crazy.
    Dude can you do me a favor please? When characters you're narrating are in the same exact place, please have one narrate both of them. Otherwise it becomes more confusing than it already is, especially in a social gathering. Sorry if this inconveniences you. If it doesn't work for you get back to me and we can figure something else out. Thank you.
    Raven is supposed to be better with her magic right? Bron told me to get Gameboy's arm fixed and I was wondering if she could do it.
    Yeah X. Also got my first laptop with minecraft, fallout 3, Dc universe online, swtor, and kotor all are very distracting games
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