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  • Hiya Grass! I thought I saw a few familiar names in the TT sign-ups. =) I've been good, just waaay busy these past few weeks. How's everything going with you?

    Haha, thanks. Fossil's pretty wicked himself, (you play his dino-powers a whole lot better than I play Houl's animal powers. =P) It kinda sucks that we never got to do that Houl vs. Fossil battle before, but hey, with the new and improved versions of those two, it'll be a whole lot cooler of a fight if we ever get there in the story. (Plus, with the whole Whiplash thing... well, Chimera is gonna freak when he finds out about that.)
    In case u hvent noticed... so have I xD I'm going to try and get into battles again, and I am a wifi-er. I'm am going to try and recruit a few ppl for wifi or at least find a way to help kots encourage wifi somehow. While im rusty as hell, i'll gladly battle u whenever time allows :)
    Remember me? If so, i would like to chat with you but, per safety crap, only friends can talk to me. i know only people you know can be your friends, but you sorta know me right?
    as im sure u noticed... im not really active anymore. havent even bothered to get pokemanz b/w2. i think igot all of that out of my system (although i will be getting b/w2 eventually) anyway, hi? how are u?
    So, have you seen my RP? I don't know whether or not you'd be interested, but I know your one weakness: reptiles/dinosaurs! Mwahaahahahahahahhaaaaa!

    Ahem. There's a race (or rather sub-race, they're one of the five variants of a bigger race) in my RP that's pretty much that. Just thought I should mention that. You know, in case you wanna join or somethin'.
    I knew you weren't specifically trying to cause problems, it was just a matter of if I'd be able to keep things fair (which if everyone is the same species, is a lot easier to do).
    Hey, got back to you on the RP thread. Also, I'm sure you've read that I still need more players. So you if know anyone else interested in the RP. Let em know.
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