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  • Yea it helps to know the location, so other people know where you are and you know where they are. But it's fine. Just we assume she came back to City Hall. I agree with the skipping for the sake of skipping, but which one did you leave open besides the one in the sea? Want to to be the one in the absolute southwest? Seems like it would make sense.

    Thanks. Been counting on him. We're so close to finishing this arc. Don't think we have enough players for another arc though.
    A little quick on the portals man, but great post. If she's going around the city, you should make the location not be City Hall. Also, good job on Blackfire. Been waiting for DVB to post, sorry about not letting you know.

    Can you get in touch with big? He's been totally absorbed in anime style battles, and we really could use his help.
    Seeing as it's been 4 days, most active players have probably already read your post, so I suppose we should leave it alone, I just wanted you to know how I felt because it makes it harder for me to write replies. It's not that you can't play Control Freak when needed (though I was called into this to play the canon villians so it people weren't fighting themselves or setting up situations the heroes would win easily) just that he's been one of the main 'super NPC' (as Bron calls them) I've focused on. - Also, in the future, if you do need to give him lines, you should avoid having him repeat references from his last line, he's way too geeky to focus on one fandom at a time.
    I have to agree with Vampire on this one. There isn't much for her to do with the canon villain NPCs as of your last post.
    Grass, I feel kind of stepped on in Teen Titans... I've been playing both Bloodbath and Control Freak. I know he's kind of a NPC, but since I'm supposed to be playing the canon villians, it feels like bunnying. Your last post also kind of left me with not much to do other than write a line of reply from each of them, as you already RPed their previous reactions.
    Well you guys will be working on closing portals, right? Currently we're waiting for either you or DVB to post. Also, big needs to post. My next one will be pretty boring.
    Yeah, there was a time skip, I figure people get busy and stuff... though SPCCS needs someone else to post soon or it'll get closed.
    No worries, it was just a list of names that have no meaning out of context. I'm really enjoying Y, and I like occationally getting that surprise when something new appears, "Ooo, what is that?" I found Gloomy particularlly charming.
    Ok cool. I will post pretty soon after you do. I have a bit more time now and no more writer's block.
    Do you want to handle the backup and have them start to clear out the bay around the portal? Bron said a light arrow would close it but it won't do much good if he can't get one off because he has to fight all the demons.
    Grass and big you decide when the backup arrives. It isn't much, but they're well trained and should start blasting. Probably should have had a sub on hand, but I couldn't figure out a way to have one.
    Oh cool. Lemme know how that turns out and if I need to have Lektra show up herself or just soldiers. I'll post whenever you're ready with that.

    Charging through and causing damage to the cave is not a good idea, especially since he needs to do fighting afterward at City Hall and would be hurt also. I'd prefer it if the cave itself wasn't damaged. Let's just say, it's not really a cave and leave it at that for now. The more damage it sustains the less chance we have against Trigon.
    I never planned on a T-Sub like vehicle, and certainly wasn't expecting Fossil to be followed, but it would make sense as you did it. You caught me off guard with that in all honesty, and I'm a bit at a loss here. I was going to have Lektra send soldiers for backup as requested, or come herself if you prefer. Night would still have to be carried manually unless you can suggest something for me to bring, since we have the resources technically. I could tell you something about the cave, but I'd prefer to keep that a secret for now. Let's just say it requires Night to be conscious, and the portal to be closed preferably.
    Great post dude. Love it. Some spelling errors in Raven's part but they're minor, although comical. The portals should stay closed long enough to get stuff done, but it's an interesting concept that they'd open again eventually, at least some to let the Sons out. If you wanna run with it and lead to some plot point, I approve. If it's just for random stuff, probably best that we have one large portal in Stage 2 near City Hall instead. Don't wanna split up the group too much since only four people are active right now and I doubt more will be. We will need to get around the city and close the portals, while fighting off demons everywhere. Meanwhile somebody should contact the villains for a truce, player or NPC doesn't matter.
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