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  • He would be unconscious I guess until he gets to the base, which makes it easier for you. I have asked DVB to play him as an NPC and he was kind enough to accept. Speaking of which, I'm hoping he could post before you post.

    BTW Joey has school on Saturday?
    But still call him Robin. I get it. Anyway awesome post man.

    D posted, so were back on track with the other gang and you can post for Raven whenever.
    Almost perfect! I love it! Star is going to really hug the both of them. Fossil in an I love you friend kind of way, and Night in a lover kind of way.

    Robin though? He wouldn't recognize the name change or the costume change?
    Yes please fix it. It just sounds really odd reading and imagining actual lava demons made of lava being fought underwater.

    I wondered about that. Interesting way to include that. Here's the thing. Lektra couldn't pick up this place (Just picked up a portal nearby) because there's a dampening field in place in addition to the force field. You walk in, all communications and scanning can't get through. This way, tech can be there just fine without being discovered. It's a very secure location.

    Cool. Just was throwing that info at you about Night. When I said deterrent, I meant like traps and walls underwater meant to stop intruders, unless you want those to deactivate when the force field deactivates? Have him notice deactivated traps, I guess? Night would be in a glass chamber in forced sleep and the emergency room equipment keeping him asleep and fed through intravenous.

    As for how Cyborg's tech looks like, remember the blue parts of his body? It looks like that. Whenever he builds something, like the Titans Car, it's got that blue stuff. You know what I'm talking about now right? Yea I'm still sorry. This is a very critical piece of the RP, where we're getting the Titans back together slowly.
    Um dude?

    Lava demons underwater? Thought we were gonna do fish demons. Lava cools when it touches water. They'd turn to immobile ash. That's also a good weakness by the way. Always wondered why they didn't throw water on them in the show.

    Also, a body bag with emergency room equipment? Cyborg wouldn't go such low tech for a healing chamber, even with the tower destroyed. I'm sure he would have scavenged parts and made some of his signature blue tech from anything sitting around on the street. Maybe that wasn't so low tech, but at least it should have some his blue technology. Also you had Fossil get in way too easily. If he got in, why did others not? There should be traps and deterrents to get through. Also, before all this his Titans communicator should deactivate a force field that was designed to keep out intruders that aren't members. It's actually convenient that you had Fossil keep his old Titans communicator.

    Lastly, Night would be fully healed and in good condition, if a little disoriented. The chamber is just waiting for somebody to wake him up from sleep by hitting a big green button. That part requires outside input or he would have gotten out earlier on his own.

    Sorry for basically feeding you info down your throat. I was expecting you to ask what your character is meant to encounter. Really really sorry. This is just such a critic mission. Everything else was awesome except the stuff I mentioned. Loved the fight particularly, just lava demons underwater and stuff.
    Yea they shouldn't pose a threat to him at all. So no scuba demons? It was just an idea. Yea go for it. Lots of fish-like demons. Remember a magic user or somebody close to Trigon can close them, like Raven.

    They can't leave until Nin comes back, though.
    Good question. Uh, water demons? Like demons that look like they're wearing scuba gear or like bigger fish, and attack with spears/lasers/manipulation of the water. We gotta make this up I think. Couldn't think of any other way to get him in a position to find Night. They would have been trying to disrupt shipping traffic, but found the healing facility underwater and are trying to blow it up now. There's a force field keeping them back, but it's weakening. The Titans communicator would have the authorization codes to lower the force field and let him inside the giant underwater facility. Use your imagination from there.

    The ten portals need to be closed, or they will keep sending demons out pretty much endlessly. So if he needs Lektra to help, he has to tell her. Also Raven might be able to close these portals as well.
    Reading. Please make sure to check out the road map. If you don't like it please say something now. I've updated it.
    No problem dude. Let me know when the post is updated. I posted the road map I had in my head. You're awesome for sticking around man.
    Just understand how her power is supposed to work. She can copy any power(s) an individual has as long as they're nearby (Say 50 feet or a 2 block radius, whichever is bigger). The copied power(s) get weaker with distance, and unlike Hope she's not limited to those born with their powers. She can get pretty strong and even overpowered depending on which and how many powers she copies, especially with being able to copy the demon's powers to use them against said demons. I trust you to not be overpowered with her.

    Keep her in character. I didn't want to use Hope's personality entirely, especially since I don't know it that good. Faith is very proper and mannered. She likes helping and is generally a nice person to everybody except those who are rude or mean to her.
    In case you're wondering, Faith has the same base power as this girl from Marvel: marvel.wikia.com/Hope_Summers_(Earth-616) which is Empathic Power Mimicry, except it works on any power.
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