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  • They're actually made of lava and fire if you remember, but that works yes.

    Vampire is handing the NPC villains. Talk to her. :)

    Yea no problem. Just, through though? Don't you mean at? Confused
    Yea rats gonna be a tough call. He doesn't know IC to go searching down there. Any ideas you wanna run by me lemme know. I will probably update Titans and Journal tonight.

    Mug was talking about quitting the forum so it would make sense. Sam just seems to have dropped off.
    Holy crap. I was worried about you and been really busy IRL. We're gonna get back to Raven soon, so would be good to get back on track.

    I wish Mug hasn't quit the forum. It gave Delta an excuse to quit the RP, and Sam seems to have quit the forum too.
    Lol yea, tragic misread I guess. I really think it can finish, and I hate just letting an RP die without a resolution. We just need more people, and active important characters. By taking on Raven you've gone in the right direction. So yea, I was just worried you'd given up as well and waiting for you to post as Fossil/Raven. Lektra needs to talk to Raven about what her scanners have detected. Meanwhile the demons are converging on City Hall, and Trigon will soon show himself.

    I'm taking a step to ensure we can finish it and I won't need to epilogue it. Meantime, can we keep going please?
    Heya, we need you to please update Teen Titans as soon possible. Have Raven react to seeing her friends again and such before moving on to the invasion.
    Grass you wanted a water mission at some point right? How would you like to search for Nightwing in San Francisco Bay? On the map it's marked San Francisco Bay, but of course it's Jump City Bay. Anyway there's an underwater facility with Night's healing chamber, and he should be all healed by now and aged ten years. Dunno how you can get to that point storywise and find out about it, but if anybody can find him I think your character can.
    Expect Raven to be hugged when she is confirmed to actually be Raven and not an impostor. I think Nin jumped the gun on that one.
    Yes go ahead. I think that might be the best idea, then just explain each one in your own words to make the character more yours and less a wiki copy and paste lol. I also didn't know she had a civ name, either.
    I think you didn't hit confirm when you did this, because I'm not seeing anything new in powers. Maybe I'm blind dude? You got the empathy in there, but it's still mostly the same. Raven has a bunch more powers than what you have, like melee combat according to the wiki which I had no idea about also since it's not shown much in the tv show.

    Yes in the show they also say she's half human and half demon. Arela is a human from another dimension, but still human.

    Apparently she has brothers, yea. I didn't know this either.

    Anyway if you think this is all you can do, we can go ahead and get Raven into the RP. Make sure you put Rachel Roth as name, though. Raven is an alias.
    Feeling other people's emotions by being next to them. Can you do it in real life? Nope, so it's a special power. Anyway check out the powers in the wiki links. I especially recommend teentitans wikia, and look in the Powers section below the history info. All her powers are outlined. She is also listed as Half Demon and Half Human, not Angel.

    I dunno man, it just feels short somehow is all. I think I'm just nitpicking.
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