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  • It looks good and getting better. A bit more on history please. Expand on it more if you can. If you can't that's fine I guess. Pretty sure Raven has more powers you haven't listed. Please list them.
    Speaking of which, you can completely remove the part about him going to the city outskirts and act like it never happened. Star hasn't had a chance to read the note yet.

    Please look up Raven and her powers on a wiki. You're missing some.
    Please don't call me Broni. I've been busy again, so you're prolly back by now. Will be updating my RPs.

    Just looking at it without even reading yet, I can see it's already very very short. Please give me at least three paragraphs, outlining her life since "Things Change" as best as you could. A quick rundown of things that had happened to her in the series would be appreciated also, for people who may not have watched the show. Sure this is a canon character, but that doesn't mean you should be short.

    Also need more on the personality, please.
    No offence, but I'm not sure why. She is very quiet around the original titans to begin with, so I'd imagine people she meets later in life are even farther.

    That being said, with the exception of Starfire, she's going to be mostly neutral to all the other characters.
    It won't be done exactly by the show. Trigon will invade, with an army of demons by his side. Raven will not be required to summon him because he's already escaped confinement this time on his own due to getting stronger from the last encounter. You should be okay. He will seem OP, but we will balance him.

    Raven also has some minor healing, levitation, and empathy like knowing what a person is feeling. If you're unsure, look up her powers on a wiki.
    Sorry if I'm springing a Trigon arc on you rather suddenly man. I had wanted to do it for a while yet, and this just seemed like a good time considering you'll be playing her. How soon can you get the form up?
    That's right. She thinks he's dead and has no idea where the other Titans are either, or that there's a resistance movement at all.

    Drache is still around. Vampire is playing him. The dragons landed on City Hall last I checked.
    Mammoth is not being played by anybody right now, so go for it.

    I understand that. Just be prepared to get hugged hard by Star. "Friend Raven, where have you been?!" *Star nearly crushes Raven with a hug*
    Raven's story is roughly so: She's in hiding as a regular citizen and living off a gofer bringing her food. She makes money off a work from home telemarketer program and the gofer never sees her face when he brings her food and she pays him for it. At least this was the story in the original version. If you can make a better one that makes as much or more sense than this, be my guest. Keep in mind you'll need to be at least as active as me (Which is to say on a good day when I have time and post every 1.5 to 2 days) if you are to play Raven. I had actually thought you wanted to play BB instead so you could match him up as a best buddy for your character. They'd have so much in common.
    If you've read everything then you are caught up. Nothing happened that concerns your character directly, and Star still hasn't read his letter. You can very easily delete your post about it and act like it never happened. I have been away on IRL business.
    Ahaha that's awesome. I haven't checked my DS in a while I probably have loads of battles from people :D
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