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  • I read that amazon ripped you off I have heard from an expert who's friend/person they knew did this they take several packs open them all get the rates out and replace them and almost no one notices this
    Hmmm that's pretty far, I'm only at Opelucid at the moment, but I'm not doing a challenge on my White game.. Well.. You could consider equally training about a full box of pokemon, without them becoming underlevelled a challenge though.. I've got some levels to go though.. As Iris' Haxorus will murder anything I have..

    Why did you fail the challenge if I may ask? I saw you had a Darmanitan and a Gigalith, those alone are enough to go through Twist Mountain, or did Cheren do you in? I know that he almost did me in with my at the time intraining team..

    I'm doing Nuzlocke challenge on a Crystal playthrough myself, but so far I haven't found anything interesting outside of a Ditto :p Just wondering though, pokemon that you get as gifts, should those be considered as 'first meetings' as well? Considering Togepi and Bill's Eevee..
    Heey! I see that you're doing a different challenge on Black this time around. What happened to your Nuzlocke challenge? How far did you get into the game?
    Hey, good luck with your Nuzlocke challenge!! Doing it on deviantart too?

    -random dude....:mad:
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