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  • I don't know what the hell a "nasolacrimal duct" is, but even if it makes a convincing non-alcoholic beverage, I just cannot approve of the idea of milking the death of a loved one who was very close to all of us.

    Alas, it seemed inevitible that after thrashing his cranium against random objects over the years, the brain damage would eventually get to him. May his final 36 hours of life go smoothly, as his consciousness blurs and all memory of the ones who cared for him so deeply suddenly vanish. *sniff*
    Hi, I was just wondering if you had a deviantart page or something similar. I was stalking your threads in fanart and the stuff was shagtastic but the older pieces have all been removed. Thanks for the info if you give it, and cheers for making the pics if you don't.
    It's a good thing I still have gravy. It's the only thing I can eat and digest without my dentures.

    Damn kids these days. Back in our day, we had to spaz our thumbs out against that damn canary, and now our thumbs won't work anyhmore. Or how 'bout them old Rusty Bucket propeller room? Truly, our generation was the worst there ever was.
    Just stoppin' in to say 'Hi' to an old pal.


    ..hmm.. Harder than I thought. Oh well... Stay healthy.
    *insert obligatory compliment on signature here*

    But on a serious note, is this unique brand of artistry a hobby of yours? Or are you planning to become a full-time artist, or however that works out?
    Gravy, Gravy, Gravy, Grave-E, yet another sadistic and amusing signature pic.

    On another note, is it just me or is Pokesho pushing the boundaries more and more as time goes on? Have you seen the newest pic with Cynthia/Dawn cuddling? Or the various new ones about May?

    Am I the only one who thinks this? Surely an artist like yourself has some opinion on this very important matter of Pokemon anime art.
    Pardon my sickeningly sweet and patently undeserved adulation, but that's impressive talent. I enjoy your signature pictures very much. ^_^;
    I was going to say merry christmas, but clearly is is you who said it to us all first, what with your latest artistic scribbling in your signature.

    Ah, heck. Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas or whatever it is you English weirdos say.
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