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  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Gravy. ^_^

    Incidentally, where do you get the art in your signatures, if you don't mind me asking?
    Pass the Christmas gravy. Hope somebody was nice enough to buy you Jolly Roger: The Video Game (featuring Banjo and Friends).
    gravy whare do you get your sigs from, because they are *ing funny man. i have never found anything like that over the internet, so where do you get them from??? or do you make them...?
    gravy i have to know...ware d oyou keep getting your sigs they are to die for...imean like they are some of the funniests ive seen...do you find them, or just have someone give them to you...
    is this true:

    There was something about Pochama dancing on Maddie's grave that made me raise an eyebrow a couple of days ago, for example.
    did someone actually say that???...
    Hey, compared to an Xbox 360 and Banjo-Kazooie, I am offering you a BARGAIN here, my friend! In fact, I'll even go one better by recommending most the dirt-cheap DS version!
    Hi Gravy. You hve the most funny sigs. from chimchar biting zoey and now 2 brds debating which of Staravia's name is better, the jp name or eng name
    TBH I'm surprised you don't have more friends.
    If you strain your memory back about 3 years ago, you'll remember a post where someone tried to use the first few Pokémon episodes and Misty's Song as evidence for Pokéshipping. You responded that it was tripe. That dude was me lol.

    Also your art is fantastic IMO.
    Ah! Du glaubst nicht wie angenehm es ist hier Dinge zu lesen, die auf Deutsch geschrieben sind. In meiner Muttersprache zu tippen ist ein Segen, besonders heute ;)
    Aber jetzt lass ich das lieber bleiben und verfalle wieder in eure komische Sprache...^^

    Damn Pokésho...Of course the new version of their type wild battle game was down when I was looking for it. So I had to try out the older version without the Wakachick :( The animation in it is quite amazing, the backgrounds full of nice details and the movesets very fun to perform. Wakachamo in it is great but without a giant Whiscash in it I feel kinda empty ^^ I guess I have to wait for the next version to play as Jungglut.
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