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  • Everything he said was transfered by the mods from Dogasu's thread over to the Hall of Shame section. All the posts responding to it are in that Hall of shame thread.

    Funny stuff. Saying Misty "acts like a girl" is considered wrong to him, so what is Misty then....a man?

    Oh yes, I remember those days.

    Remember when Gaiash I think it was, kept trying to insist that May's egg was a Zigzagoon?

    Or how Alfonso kept asking for pics of Janine and Roxanne?

    Or how everyone was so upset that Squirtle beat Harley's Ariados?

    Or how Jo-Jo and I used to debate about the state of female characters in the anime?

    Or how Heracross was deeply depressed by the lack of Kanto references in Battle Frontier?

    Or your crazed Munchlax hate?

    Or how V-Faction, bless his soul, was the original "Habunake" of the forums?

    Or how The Big Al was a major Contest hater?

    Or how everyone was complaining that Sceptile learned Solarbeam, which was ridiculous in retrospect, since Sceptile's Solarbeam didn't hinder its battles whatsoever, (I think it only ever used it against Blaziken anyway)

    Or how the Frontier Brains were changed into similar Gym leaders?

    Or how Ash lost the Hoenn league to Tyson?

    Or how May was repalced with a "second" coordinator?

    Oh man, those were days. I'll never forget the fun times from about early 2004-late 2006 on Serebii.

    Lol, I thought you linked me to some kinda of lolicon anime site for a second with all the banners on the top and right side of the screen.

    Nice to see Buneary there, gives me some hope it won't evolve. As you know, I seem to be one of the few who *don't* want Buneary to evolve. I dare ask, what does that Dawn figure look like under the skirt? Knowing this is a Japanese site, I'm almost scared to know the answer.

    BTW, did they ever make any other Haruka toys aside from that May/Manaphy figure a few years back?
    Word has it that Koji's species make excellent harmonica players, though. Now there's an instrument you can get far with in the real world of the RIAA.

    Position and pose starts by fanning your toes and placing your left foot right.
    I must be the only zoey fan who actually thought your sig was funny...
    *points* Chimchar should not be there, I think piplup would much rather peck her to death :D
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