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  • Hey Gray, we're doing a guild cleanup for TEF. If you're active and want to stay in the guild, send me a message.
    Alright so due to a less ideal economical situation I currently have two jobs which is taking a lot of my time since I do not have any days off I'll probably not be on for the next couple months apart from an occasional visit to some xats.Just leaving this message here so anyone who noticed me not being around knows I'm not dead.I'm poor.

    PS: Maka shut up you have my number you can text me if you want.
    well that sucks i did still had to replace you since we need people to challenge the elite four which your always welcome back later on when it opens back up the league is doing decent so far as I understand about the bill thing.
    not sure where you are gray but its been awhile and the league has been open for at least a good week or two with no response I just wanted to let you know that I will be having someone replace you as elite four dragon/fire. I don't know whats going on but i hope everything is alright.
    Check your PMs, I'm not sure if it sent or not because it signed me out when I sent it. We need to find a time to meet up asap.
    Alright, I'm ready whenever you are, I'll be in the Ubers room for awhile so contact me there whenever.
    I can battle later today, yeah. Will you be available in 3-4 hours from now? I'll be done with class by then so I'll be free all day.
    Yeah, if you're free on Monday I should be free most of the day, only have two hours of class on Mondays.
    Hi, when do you want to play for the Rebellious Rebel Tourney? I should be available Saturday afternoon and almost all day Sunday this weekend GMT -5.
    Hello again, looks like we'll be playing for the team-building tournament, just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to battle until Monday and after. Any time from Monday onwards should be workable for me, though.
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