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  • You are no bother! Looks like Profesco got it before me, but thanks for the report :)
    Nobody "shot down my argument." Learn to read. Also, if you thought my post was pointless, why didn't you just ignore it? It is not your place to mini-mod and berate users that do not contribute to the thread (even though I did contribute).
    Disagreeing with my post is disagreeing with my opinion.

    Also, you obviously are still mad. Why else would you randomly decide to insult me for a post that was perfectly fine? Nobody other than you decided to comment on it.
    Since you are whining about me "not contributing to the thread," I will continue to point out your mistakes on VMs. First of all, if disagreeing with someone's opinion is pointless, than why are you doing it? It is my opinion that my post is good, and your opinion that it is bad.

    Second, I don't give a damn about "raising my postcount" on a Pokemon site. Post count means nothing.

    Third, I see that you are still butthurt about me pointing out that you were mini-modding on that advertiser's thread. LET IT GO. It's a ****ing Pokemon forum, for god sakes.
    Done, but next time don't minimod when replying to a rule breaker. Just report it like you did below or use the report button, we'll take care of the rest.
    Ironic how you were lecturing that guy on advertising being against the rules while you broke the rules by replying to spam/ads.
    He just don't understand the exceptionalism our fathers fought for since he is British
    Good for standing up to insensitive users like Joshyeah. He is a terrible monster and possibly a british chupacabra
    i would like to thank obama for ressurect the billions of americans that dies on 9/11 by killing osama
    I have played Paper Mario!!! And I was playing like minutes ago... And I think that's where I got it from... And you don't to be so fancy...

    Why does everyone think it's a Paper Mario reference??? I forgot the reason I write btw... I knew when I started writing it but now... I forgot it with time.

    Generally must just be a noob, i haven't read through all the threads so i didn't know i repeated them. Also i posted in the wrong place so i replaced it in the correct one after. Sorry if i pissed you off.
    They're for the ds. you should check out some videos on youtube. they're a really fun series. oh but mario rpg isn't part of the series. THats seperate.
    oh i understand. have you ever played any of the mario rpg games other than the paper mario series?
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