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Dec 29, 2019
Nov 22, 2011
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Back., from Texas, United States

greatguy was last seen:
Dec 29, 2019
    1. Quagsireking
      Oh, if i ever log on again ill take you up on that offer.
    2. Quagsireking
      Dude its been so long i cant remeber. And which trio?
    3. DragonTrainerSilver
      Thank you! and pokemon battle palace(PBP) is my website. I also now own stock in google so...PBP and a small part of google.
    4. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Yeah, that's true. It's more for reading than typing if anything, I suppose.
    5. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      That's not a good sign XD. Who designed the Kindle, by any chance, and how have people not complained about this sooner?
    6. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Hee hee, yup X3.

      You can explain if you want. I find that really interesting, actually, especially since Mom's expressed interest in a Kindle more for the books unless she were to use it for work.
    7. zozo
      Hey, nice! A Registeel! That will help out with my pokedex. n_n Anyway, thanks for taking that Arceus off my hands. I hope you enjoy him! (:
    8. zozo
      Sorry! I just got back from feeding the cats. I'll run in now. (:
    9. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      I could see that. I looked him up on TV Tropes (because why not XD), and I learned a little bit more about him. What an awesome guy. He really did love his wife, the story of their engagement is really sweet.

      *tilts head* Eh? *thinks for a minute* Oh, I'm a Mormon ^^.

      That's kinda weird that your typing's slower when moved from a smaller device to a (I guess) bigger device. I'm not really aware of how the 3DS works when it comes to typing things out, let alone much about the Kindle, so... *shrugs* Guess you're just more used to the 3DS than your Kindle, which would explain it. It's like a Mac user using a Windows PC keyboard. (Used a Windows PC for years until I entered college, and now the Windows laptops are awkward to use XD.)
    10. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      I figured, but I think they risked being persecuted or something if they weren't before then.

      Oh wow... I don't know if my classmate exactly mentioned that (he mentioned a lot of things), but that's really deep, I don't know what to say about it. J.R.R. Tolkien's a genius. You need a brilliant mind in order to create something as profound and complex as that. It's amazing. To think his son had to finish it. His notes must've been really precise, but thank goodness it got finished.

      (I don't like the character limit either.)
    11. Doodlebug
      No......... >_<
    12. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      I gathered that through what my classmate told me. It sounded really deep, which I guess was the point, since it was literally a history book for this fictional land, and history tends to be really depressing. I think he mentioned the Elves being selfish jerks, but either way, sounds like they never did man up to what they did in the past. They screwed up a lot of things, and a lot of things would've been prevented. Did this have anything to do with the Rings, by any chance, or was this before the Rings were made?
    13. FrozenConstellation
      I appoligize for that...

      I noticed :3
    14. FrozenConstellation
      Hmmm.....I have gone there before to stalk their threads, and I have seen some of my friends there as well. Unfortunately I am a bit too busy at the moment, so I cannot register now, but I may be inclined to accept the offer later when my schedule isnt as tight. Thank you though.
    15. FrozenConstellation
      Its not The Pokemon Board is it?
    16. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Oh yeah XD, chapter six. "I don't want to bang my sister!"

      Yeah, my classmate told me his son published it. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think he wrote out the majority of it, as his father had notes and outlines already written out and prepared for it, so he went with those. From what he also told me, the stories were really interesting. His favorite's the most tragic one... um... can't remember the name of it. *looks* Ah, The Children of Húrin is his favorite.
    17. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie

      Yeah, sounds about right. You have to be whole in order to be at God's side.

      XD Yeah, I'm a girl, but call me "dude" anyway. (My brothers do that all the time.) Oh, THAT'S the name of the book! A classmate of mine told me about it, he really recommended it. I've been meaning to ask my dad about it, since he has the trilogy and The Hobbit (which I have read).

      I saw Elfen Lied. It was... "meh", especially since the manga was still in the works at the time. I also didn't find it very shocking even though it's (in)famous for it. I've been meaning to get back into the manga.

      o_o Wait, what SuicunexEntei thing? I am not for incest in any way, I don't know where you're getting that context. Was something worded funny, or what?
    18. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Through Christ, flesh can be made whole, so yes. I figure that angels had to have lived on Earth at one point, thus they had bodies. When they died, their spirits take the form of the body they lived in for as long as they did, and depending on their works and faith, they became whole, in which case, I think they can have the form of their body. Like with God: if we are created in His image, does that mean He has a body as well?

      Nice analogy. I like that. If we go a step further, we can add the "wolf in sheep's clothing" as well, as demons, which are formless beings, can take the image of a human, or angel to trick other humans.

      How guilty? Um... a lot of stuff when you get right down to it XD. I have since then become a dirty old woman. I am not a fan of R-rated material, I stay away from it much as possible. However, I did get into Higurashi around the time chapter... twelve or thirteen was being written, an anime notorious for its violence (which is not as common as one would think, but the violence is really bloody). You can since then see some of the influence, if you've seen Higurashi or at least know of it. I in particular love the facial expressions in the show and manga--especially the eyes--when it came to horrific realization, so I tend to imagine that happening and tried to put that in with descriptions of facial expressions. (And I like eyes. Yeah.)
    19. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Ah, I see.

      I believe in spirits, and that all living, breathing things have a spirit. While the body cannot become more than it already is, its spirit can transcend. I believe all these spirits can become angels, but the more perfect the spirit, the more higher up it is as an angel. Very few do become angels like Michael and Gabriel, but I figure that as long as an angel is able to sing praises to God, that angel is happy.

      That's interesting, but it makes sense. Humans can fall to really low states, but they have a limit to where they can fall as they are already in sin, even though sin begets more sin. Depending on the sin, it's forgivable. Angels (those who live with God) are holy beings, and if they even get a blotch of sin on them, they can't live in God's presence anymore, and they fall away. Could that angel redeem themselves? It depends on the sin. The Devil and his angels are irredeemable because they went against God, and thus were cast out. They cannot return to His presence anymore, so they roam the earth as vengeful spirits without a true physical form because they never had a body. That, I feel, is the lowest of the low an angel can go. And because they're only spirits, they can easily become an influence to the fickle mind. Demons aren't stupid, they just hate God and everything about us, and don't want us to return to God.

      Sure, find the passage. I'm a bit confused about humans judging angels at the end, but once you give the passage, I can also look it up and read it through, see what he said prior to the passage, and right after.

      XD It's okay, I shouldn't have actually written Forsaken either xD. I didn't want it rated M to begin with, it just turned out that way. It's a guilty pleasure of mine :3.
    20. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Ah, I see. That's really awesome, but him not winning alone is the sad truth. I honestly believe Ronald Reagan was the last of the great politicians, since everyone seems to have one skeleton in their closet, no matter how small. (Yes, even Mitt Romney has one back when he was running for governor of Massachusetts. He probably regrets that decision now, as it was the only way to get elected.) Our country's been picked to pieces at for so long, it'd be a miracle to elect a president like that. (Which is what I'm hoping and praying will happen this November.)

      Well, once you get it up, let me know. Heh, I rarely make outlines myself, so you can see where I kinda pull stuff out from thin air at times, but I make sure to look back at what I've written and see if I could make connects in the future. You get loads of Fridge Brilliance that way.

      I believe humans can become angels, they just have to transcend beyond their mortality and impurities to become perfect. Sure, the angels were never described in detail (unless I missed something in my studies) except perhaps in Isaiah and Revelation, but they were more of metaphorical symbolism in those books than anything. Perhaps angels can take the form of a human like you said, but as they are a being above our comprehension, we can't exactly say for sure just what angels really are. We just know that God has angels, and the Devil has angels. I love the subject of angels, and though I will draw wings in my pictures, I believe angels don't have wings, that they instead dress in all white, possibly have white or silver hair, and are very beautiful and perfect. As I have never seen an angel myself, I'm just making guesses from what I've gathered from church and seminary, and from my own imagination. That's why I place "Our Angels Are Different" as one of the numerous tropes for my story for that reason X3.
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