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  • Wow really? I used to battle a lot back in D/P/Plat the. Slowed down in B/W..

    I'm so pumped on X & Y but I don't really battle that competitively. I battle for fun, using the Pokemon I like..

    So are you in Greece or US?
    It's still cool. We should battle once we get the games!

    Hey I'm still not losing hope though.. Trying to stay positive.

    Btw are you from Greece?
    Although, judging the new Pokemon that gotten Mega I'm not too sure if Masquerain would get one. It seems like GF only choosing powerful Pokemon to get Megafied..

    I'm getting X..

    So you're leaning towards Chespin.. I was going to choose Fennekin before but not anymore seeing it bipedal and all.. I think Froakie has the best 2nd stage but I'm going to hold on until their final stage to have a definite choice..

    I used to like Pancham but I don't like Pangoro that much. I'm picking Charmander this time around however back in R/B/Y I always chose Squirtle.. I'm more of an Ice type than Dragon so I'm on Amaura's side. Haha dude we've like an opposite preferences.

    I reckon you like Clauncher more so than Skrelp. Lol
    Haha I'm mostly trolling for Mega Masquerain but I don't really post that much. I mostly post irrelevant complaints and awe comments..

    Yeah the new PSS sounds fascinating like it seems like you can battle/chat/trade to people who have Internet connection anywhere in the world.

    So which version you're choosing? Do you have a definite choice for your starter? Any planned team?

    All pokemon died to Steven's Metagross, which was also his last Pokemon..."

    ^This actually made me sad lol. Better luck next time!
    I merged your thread with the G/S/C FAQ/Help Thread since small questions like it don't need their own threads.
    Light vs. Dark seems pretty interesting, and free for all will surely be fun
    Can't wait to get a 3DS, do they still do that thing where you trade in your old DSi and get a 3DS for a lowered price?
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