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  • Hey you should try and come across a ereader aipom card.....Then you could cont.encounter aipom much faster then resetting in d/p........I can never come across thoes ereader cards there very rare it seems...thanks bye
    I actually managed to SR two of them in less than a week. I'm gonna go again one more time, hopefully getting a Totodile or Cyndaquil, but... yeah.
    I've started an Alt. Cave hunt. <: I'm picking Teddiursa because I love how he has a seperate FR/LG sprite, and they're useful for Pickup as well as some nice stats. and omg I love the green. ;o;
    Hehe, i'm a nintendo collector i got lots of stuff and i dont mind buying those :D i got the money for it so it no big deal. I even would buy a full JP box of them if i could.
    Oh ok now i understand, if you list them on ebay could you mention it, i'm prolly buying a pack or 2 from you then ;)

    EDIT: Oh they do work on every Firered/leafgreen game do they? Not only JP game? Caus i have EUR games :p and also a USA E-reader :p
    Ooh they are just the Leafgreen and Firered playing cards? like the ones we have am i correct?

    I'm still a bit confused in what the cards really are?
    Hey, congrats on your pinco nice shiny.

    First i dont ask this cause i think you are lying, i'd love to have the Altering Cave cards for myself and i would love to have a picture of them so i can look out for them on ebay. I can't seem to find them online anywhere nor can i find any picture of them. If it's not to much to ask can you do that for me?

    Thanks. And good luck on your next hunts.
    I'll hafta look at the list of ones on my codes list. ;3 It's gotta be something that looks nice when you send it out, too! *I'm a spriter so I'm fussy with backsprites lol*

    I don't like to give names. ;o; I could PM it to you if you'd like, but I don' wanna point out names in public. That's mean. 8D

    Emulators are easy to use as you get used to them. The only real unfair advantages with them is that you can speed up your game (which is why my encounters for my Fiery Path hunt is rocketting), and you can save whenever you please. Besides that, everything goes the same as irl games.
    It's just that there was one particular member in the old club who pretty much shunned anyone who even spoke of using a cheating device. And you'd think that others would feel the same way. :/

    I use emulators, mainly, which are built with a cheating device. I use it, on occassion. Never for shinies or anything outrageous, but for some small things here and there, including warp codes, ticket codes, and Alt. Cave codes. :3

    I was SRing for Zapdos and Mudkip, but it seems a bit unrealistic to me (I have bad patience with SRing), so I might just take up a 2nd regular hunt. What Alt. Cave Pokemon should I go after?
    Congrats on the shiny Pineco!~ o: It's cool how the guessed amount of encounters was actually how much it took!

    Catching the shine must've been difficult, since you woulda been excited to see it! ^_^

    I wanna give Altering Cave a shot, too, but I'd have to use codes to get a Pokemon besides Zubat in there... ;~; I'd be too scared to update on the club if I did.
    Yeah, I believe I did win the auction! Now I have to wait a week for it and the e-Reader to come lol. I'm going to be getting a camcorder for my birthday, so then I'll be able to make videos on my shinies! (my Youtube account is crashandcortex if you need to know)
    Haha don't worry about the cost.

    Right now the only showing for me is only £6.66 (yeah I'm a UK person) and since the bid ends in less than 2 days, I'll make a bid at the last 10 mins or so, just so I can ensure I can get it! Unfortunately, I need an e-Reader as well...
    Btw thanks lol, I've been watching a lot of your Youtube videos recently, makes me wish I could make some lol
    Yo green I finallly caught myself a shiny legendary which is giratina in my platinum. It's calm nature and has very decent ivs. Im going to use it in my party. It's my second shiny besides my first shiny plusle.
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