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  • I will move on, but without you, l dont know whether to contact P99, or not, what you did was hainous, never something l'd expect. Also, another thing, on the hitler thread, you told me l flaunt my religion, dude, look in the mirror, your comments reflected your religion and how it thinks, ALOT, judaisim is at least accepting of different people, just because adonai wasnt gay, doesnt mean he hates them.
    Please, leave, l might report your comments to serebii joe, maybe, the way it turned was just atrocious, sorry, but apparently, im not funny and awesome anymore, im just your typical american.
    yeah, l understand completely, but if you really wanted to leave, than just leave brother, no need to make an announcement about how much of a jerk you were, we still think you are, ust read the gay,lesbian,and bisexual alliance.
    I knew you could get more friends. That's why I wasn't too sad. You're funny and awesome. I have to go now. Forget about me, please.
    Well, that just sucks. That is the only thing you couldve done, but the other thing is, you think l cant live without you, and for maybe a minute in the last 2 months, l couldnt, but l have almost 30 friends on here, all nice.
    Everyone knows. I cant delete the comments, l just cant, even if l could, l wouldnt, just leaving me in the dust like that, is not how you treat your best friend on the internet.
    Tell your parents that no matter what they say, that l am not creepy. Your mom thought l was creepy the second l spoke to her, and that seemed like a bit of a stereotype, because all of your other friends she doesnt racially profile, tell your parents how l feel, and be on your way
    Well, im going to make everyone forget about this, but you have some set of balls coming back to apoligize, especially after the bisexual comments.
    I cant delete the messages, you have hurt me in such a way, it is so uncommon, l dont want to ever remember you, im going to contact P99 today about making a forum, for ourselves, the only reason l held back was because of you, and now, P99 seems like an angel.
    I dont forgive you, you shined through and lied in that speach, you really hurt me and alot of other peoples feelings, l cannot forgive you and your parents ever, and hope to never speak to you again, after you left, the LGBSA was in an uproar. Why did you come back?
    To those who I offended:
    Okay, look. I know I seemed immature, I was just trying to make a point and people wouldn't stay on topic in that thread. I WAS mean about it and other things, I know that and I'm sorry. I'm going on my way now. There were also a lot of complications with chellochello. My parents found out about a lot of stuff that he did and said it would be best if I didn't hang around him anymore. They MADE me make a new email so I was forced to ignore him. I was a little creeped out by him as well, especially when he said he wanted to be a suicide bomber. Just please understand, I am not against homo/bisexuality, I just think it is not normal (MY opinion, not yours) and I do not want to become friends with them just in case they try to change my opinion or some argument blows up. There are a few other reasons as well. I will be friendLY, but not full-on-friends. Mostly because I am not allowed to. I'm sorry I upset you and chello, most of it is not my fault. I just hope you understand. I will be on my way now. Please don't keep a grudge. Goodbye.
    Thank god! Dude, no offense, but l think its time, im sorry for the trouble, but your comments were mean and unforgivable, please dont hate on me, but thats how it goes, you not saying your sorry to me and the gay community is a blow and shows no characterisitcs of a real man, See ya!
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