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  • Everybody! I knew the answers!! I just couldn't answer 50 of these Biblical questions in 30 seconds before someone else posts! If you have questions, ask a professional! That's what they're there for! I just don't have the patience to do a pastor's job.
    Guys, stop making these horrible comments. Im the creator of th thread, therefore l take responsibility for starting the war. GMD and l used to be the best of friends, till last night when his parents thought that l was just not needed, so provented him from speaking to me via email or voice chat. But l still like gmd, and stick up for him, please stop with these comments before the mods get involved. Frankly thiough, GMD, thos points were a bit arguable, but thats the great thing about our friendship, that it was built around you being christian and me being jewish, and how we got along. Im sure we've all done stupid things in our lifetime, me creating that thread and you guys making these comments, leave him alone! BTW, l made the thread, not him, gmd was one of the top posters though.

    Your debate was fantastic. You're really good at debates, witht he whole not arguing the points made against you, having no argument yourself, and running away because you're losing :)
    I liked how you made such stupid claims in the gay marriage, and when you realized you're out of your league you ran away.
    That's the loop hole. There is no TV claim thing, so instead I found a small children's game call my lil pony friendship is magic:Adventures in ponyville and used that. More or less like claiming a TV character by using a small free computer game. I can get the link in a minute... remember to follow the form closely.
    Did you know you can claim pinkie pie in the claim pinkie Pie in the claim a video-game character thread? Thought you would like to know. Just use this form
    (Insert pony name here)/ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures in Ponyville(make sure to italicize this. - Greenmonkeydump [Current date, like oh say 3/3/11]
    It's because what I was trying to tell you. Our last forum was MyBB. We moved. One of my brilliant admins changed my password.

    He keeps playing mind games with me. I guess he's trying to make me hate every one of my friends or something.
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