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  • They do make battling look alot harder on the anime than it does on the games, but in actual fact they make it hard in a different way, by giving species different stat qualities and giving a limited choice of very powerful Pokemon. I just think that no matter how much you effort value a Smeargle or a Ditto, it will never match up to a species with more generous stats. I defenitly agree with the thing about Deoxys and Mewtwo. Deoxys attack forme is usually down in one if it's hit by a dark/ghost move, but that IF you hit it. I've taught myne Psychic, Grass Knot and I can't remember the other two moves :) but they generally work. I generally lose when people copy those Pokemon stratedgy guides off of things like Serebii's Pokemon of the week.
    I suppose one fairly successful moveset for a Smeargle would be Dark Void, Nightmare, Super Fang and Double Team... Then it would have to be effort valued for speed and would have to have a hasty nature and be holding a quick claw. That might work. But if you faced it up against something like Mewtwo, Mewtwo's speed is often over 300 on average in my experience, I don't think that it would stand a chance.
    Just in reply to your thread... I don't think Smeargle usually has a chance to hit... It doesn't even have favourable stats when it's been effort valued. As fo Eric Destler closing your thread, I thought he was being silly as usual, because your thread took me by interest.
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