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  • OK, OK. Calm down please.

    By the way, your post in the Expanded Pokédex Thread for B2W2 is complete spam. You can't just post something completely unrelated in a thread.

    EDIT: Never mind, you changed your post there.

    By the way, you should change your sig because Thorton isn't your avatar anymore. Why the hell would you even put your avatar in your sig anyways? it just seems weird.
    I don't think you need the PokéTransfer and can just trade normally from BW once you get the C-Gear (which will probably be very early on).

    By the way, I noticed you haven't been on your 3DS in a couple of days,. Going to go on soon?
    pretty sure i can do that. not sure exactly how the trading system will work. are you getting a copy in jpn?
    Wait, never mind. I get what you mean by PT Character. His name is Lucas, just so you know. Geez, talk about a stereotypical team. Well, look for your White first before I waste my time breeding.

    Oh and is there any reason why you put your avatar in your sig? And I think it's "may be", not "maybe", when it says you may be 12, but your Pokémon can pack a punch, apparently.
    I could breed Tepig & Oshawott and offer it on the GTS for you. Sorry you lost your White.

    By the way, when you say foums, do you mean forums (as in your profile here) and what the hell is a PT boy character? You mean the new boy player character in B2W2? Geez, type normally so I can understand you better. I know it's not required to type normally on the internet, but it makes things easier and doesn't make you look stupid.
    then i get another to add to collection. i won't get a new dot or anything, but its fun to have all the different OT's and nicknames. so i like it.
    I don't check my 3DS everyday, so I'm not going to reply to every single swapnote. It's OK though.

    White 2.
    [SPOILER*="This is an example"]freufbfie3ffiwofb[/SPOILER]

    Take out the * I put. (Only put it there to show what everything looks like.)

    Try not to one-line in my club (where your post is only a line long). Could just be that my computer screen is pretty big though.
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