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Gren Draco
Last Activity:
Sep 2, 2017
Aug 25, 2008
Likes Received:
Costa del 'ull

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Gren Draco


Gren Draco was last seen:
Sep 2, 2017
    1. kingmassa
      You alright there guv? Wonder if I'll ever log into this place to see if you reply lol
    2. kingmassa
    3. 123fakestreet
      Every match I did was entirely based on the type and team matchups. Not how I wanna play sorry
    4. 123fakestreet
      No problem, I despise 5th gen untill they make team preview optional. Did they not realise why they lost 1000s of sales with PBR :/
    5. Pooh Bear Squared
      Pooh Bear Squared
      Hi! your prety good at pokemon team rating :) do you think you could take a look at mine? :D Id like your opnion cos you seem to know a fair amount :P
    6. Witch of 'Cos
      Witch of 'Cos
      Omg i love you gren
    7. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Hey, you're back. Good to see it.
    8. 123fakestreet
    9. Witch of 'Cos
    10. Tbone
      I was told that you are a fan of UU and like stantlers...We have this in common hahahah
    11. 'ReTr0-KaBuKi-PaNDa'
      Huh??, You really think so??
      I just don't want a Relationship entirely based on sex, I personally feel sex should only be considered once you love someone so much as to give them one of your most important possessions'...yourself.

      What are your views on Love & Relationships Gren Draco??
      Oh, & how are you anyways x)
    12. ~Wobbuffet~
      well kmr said he was coming back so its all gud
    13. ~Wobbuffet~
      y did every1 who was cool have to leave/be super inactive
    14. calum
      No sarcasm intended
    15. calum
      us at TL will miss you (sob)
    16. 'ReTr0-KaBuKi-PaNDa'
      Hehe Thanks, but you misunderstand me x)
      I definitely would Kiss them & have an affection them more than some people can understand nowadays.

      What I meant by 'Saving it [First Kiss] for someone Special' was that since I currently don't have a Boyfriend there is no point of just kissing for the sake of it, it would feel lifeless.
      It be after a Fortnight or so of getting to know them in a Relationship [unless I know them well & loved them beforehand, which has happened once] that i'd kiss them- I would though Kiss him on the Cheek as a gesture of innocent & new affection and on the forehead as a sign of respect regulary. But a Kiss on the Lips for me is the beggining of a partially more serious relationship [i'm not talking marriage or anything like that when I say this], it would become a more trusting relationship- Think of it like Roses, White symbolises Innocence, Pink means affection & Red stands for Romance.

      Besides imagine the overwhelming feeling of a First Kiss, when you trust that person & learn to somewhat have a true 'Affection' for them x)
    17. Godzilla
      gren :[

    18. 'ReTr0-KaBuKi-PaNDa'
      Aww Great, have you recorded it yet??
      I think College, from what i'm hearing from you, would be a definite thing to do- To raise your confidence in your talent & that x)
      What Artists, other than the mighty Avril of course would you be inspired by??

      Hmm, what a dirty, kinky conversation :L
      Such a almost innocent, simplistic way of putting it,,,how it tastes x)
      & No I haven't done anything like that before, I don't drink you see- Also i'm a Virgin, & i'm proud of that fact, i'm not the whole 'No Sex before Marriage' type, but I still don't want to lose it until finding someone I truely Love & after a time-space of around a couple of years or so, then i'd think about it x) ,,,I haven't even had my First Kiss yet -^^-
      Keeping it for someone Special x)
    19. 'ReTr0-KaBuKi-PaNDa'
      ...Tell me when you release your first Single x)
      What type of Music were you thinking??
      You need five Cs' to get into Sixth Form [something everyone can do], so why don't you do that & take an A-Level Course in BTec Music?? It'll improve & sharpen your skills as a Musician further, & widen you range of instruments you can play- like Piano/Synthesiser/Dashboards', different Guitars [Violin perhaps??] etc etc.
      I recommend that you consider it, & think hard about it- It would be a great route for you to go on x)

      Ouch. I don't know how people can forget that they had a Sexual Relation with somebody- It's kinda scary, not that i'm frigid or anything :L
      How do you feel about it?? x/
      Forgive me for this but-
      Gren Draco = Syphillis x) [In the nicest way possible of course]
    20. 'ReTr0-KaBuKi-PaNDa'
      Thankyou, & yes it is on Saturday x)
      Really?! O_o, you don't care about qualifications??
      I'm working real hard so I can become a Psycologist or Psycotherapist x)

      Groping :L If that were me, i'd be Hugging loads of Guys :L
      Wow, for me - after saying that I feel quite Wh***-ish Haha.
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