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  • Sounds Nice ^^
    Me?? Well it's my 16th in 6days now x) October 3rd.
    So i'ma excited, going to have several friends around mine to celebrate :) [I don't like Raves'/Partys' Haha].
    Well also i've been working quite hard in School recently, & it is really paying off :)
    For my unfinished Creative Writing Piece which is only an exact page long i've gotten a B, so today i'm going to add speech which'll bring it up to a A & then carry on the story to get A+ x)
    Also in Maths [o_O] I was the only person in my Class on the Chapter Test to get higher than 85%, as I got 95% which is 18/19 :L What's happening?!
    I think strangely my IQ has gone up :L As my Vocab is way more diverse than before aswell.
    woops, guess i forgot to ban you, thanks for reminding me, i'll do that now :)

    anyways, instead of *****ing and moaning that OMG WE TARGET YOU UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR you actually report the people that are also breaking the rules? and if there's too much "information" to put in your sig any other way, then guess what, you can't have that much information in there. rules have to be followed by everyone.
    Just because it has counters doesnt mean its a bad pokemon. saying alakazam is bad after its sub is broken by a counter is like saying gyarados is bad cause when tangrowth comes in it cant do anything. and miltank has better stats, and can hit harder back anyways simply because clefable doesnt get a good stab. and miltank/clefable are both good pokemon, but miltank is much sturdier for its purpose than clefable is. Clefable is meant for special attacks with its 95/90 hp/spec def, but miltank is meant for physical attacks with its 95/105 hp/def it also can afford to have more utility in its sets due to only needing one attack+scrappy.

    Electivire, yet again, i will admit is quite a niche pokemon, but its in OU for a reason. its attack stat is good, special attack is decent, it has a great ability, and just because it isnt the strongest doesnt mean its awful. and jolteon isnt exactly gonna take hits either. with good prediction, electivire is quite fearsome.

    since i think this is just gonna keep going back and forth, how about we discuss something else. :p i think shaymin should be UU. thoughts?
    Hehe that's original x) "Let's sell Ash on the Innernet :p".
    Yes, those are sad Episodes x'( Also when Charizard might die because of the Cold [Orange Islands], when Jessie & James have to release Arbok & Weezing to save the Pokemon from the Poacher, [Sadest one yet...] When Misty's Togetic has to stay in the Mirage Kingdom to protect the Togepi x'( & when James gives his Cacnea to Gardenia because he 's not a good enough Trainer. T^T *sniff*

    That's Okay, just tell me when you watch it x)
    I know what you mean :L Whenever I watch 'Pokemon The First Movie',
    I Still Cry when Ash dies x'( & 'Pokemon 3 The Movie' I get emotional watching cause everything is soo beautiful & the songs like 'Tears of Life' & 'I Want Things to Be Real Again' just make me utterly numb & speechless & Teary x)

    I read your Comment ranting on about that Police Person & the Camera Event, & it made me laugh :L You reminded me of this part of a Comedy Programme I watch.
    The part I mean is when Jo Brand [Big Lady] walks in & rants on about Train Fairs' [it starts at about 00:15 x) Watch it & you'll see what I mean].
    Haha, isn't Hull a City though?? Cause Cornwall's a County.
    Random Question, but why do alot of people say that Hull is a Pit?? x)
    Is it really that bad?? Trust me, the name of my Town isn't anything Grand Haha & the Town itself isn't anything special. The Town I used to live in in Germany though, contradicted it's name as it is Amazing x)

    Aww Slipped Away x) At the very end of the song when she gently says 'I Miss You...'...Epic x)
    I remember listening to her First Album when I was a Small Child Haha, So that one definitely has a special place in my Heart x) Her Second is Amazing aswell though, & her Third seems to be a mix of both Pop-Like & Meaningful Songs- The thing with Avril though is that I like all her songs the same, I don't have a Favourite cause all of them are all so well-written x)

    Like her Second Album?...Great x)

    Where In UK?? I'm from Cornwall x) Yourself??
    She's got a new Album out this Year?! I never knew that x)
    I've known about alot of Albums' coming out this Year, but not that one :)
    What do you reckon this Album will be like??- Like her most recent album 'Best Damn Thing' more Pop-like, or maybe it'll be like those confidence boosters in her first Album & maybe even like her most Trueful Album the second x) Cannot Wait.

    What would you prefer??
    I would say that my Favourite Songs by her are-
    Naked, Forgotten, Too Much to Ask, Fall to Pieces, I'm With You, Mobile, Nobody's Home, Forgotten [Which really makes you wanna Punch someone in the face, despite the fact i'm a Pacifist Haha] & Together...Oh & Freak Out x) Which is just Awesome!!

    ...Yeahhh, I like all of her songs x) Hahaa.
    Hi 'Gren Draco' :]
    I cannot stop listening to 'Freak Out' since I saw it in your Avril Signature x)
    Damn, your argument is dragging on a bit in the Club Haha x)
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