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Grey Wind
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  • okay so I'm half-considering coming back here for a month just to make the 100 posts I need to get that green userbar I always said was pretty cool ;p
    Heh, maths is probably my favourite subject. I dropped business this year since it was excruciatingly boring. English is the only course that's changed from last year. Almost all of the texts and poets are new to me. :/
    Yeah, that realisation is terrifying. It hit me when I had to decide whether to repeat or not. These choices change the direction of our lives. It just happens without warning. Do you know what you hope to do yet? I'm still not entirely sure, but I think general science will be my first choice again due to the number of options. I'm too young and childish for this. :(
    I applied for common entry Science in UCD last year, so I imagine I'll go for the same this time. It was 515; I scored 490. How are you finding sixth year?
    Yeaaaaaah... About that. Things didn't exactly go to plan. Last year wasn't particularly pleasant for me due to reasons. I ended up missing out on my first choice by 25 points, so I'm repeating this year. It's torture.
    So, how are things?

    I definitely didn't miss your birthday yet again. That'd be embarrassing.
    Yo! This is probably the first time you're gonna reply with something other than fine to me. :p

    Happy birthday man!! :D
    Mr. Munchlax - Did you read the thread? The rules haven't changed, just how you're punished if you break them. It's still fine.
    Well, I just skimmed it before I made my post and fully read it it afterseeing how you pointed out how only the punishments changed. I just thought the rules changed since I immediately panicked and I wanted to make sure my sig was still alright. I'm sorry for not making the change sooner and I edited my post
    Weird. I thought you've gone there before, I swear you're the guy that always goes on trips or something.

    And me too! It's the one remake that I am actually looking forward too. 3rd gen best gen. B)))

    I'm pretty much indifferent toward megas, but I actually think mega altaria is the cutest thing ever.
    Oh, that's fun! I've never been there. I don't want to intimidate the locals with my greatness. B)))

    Nothing much on my end. Just patiently waiting to get my hands on OR/AS. :B
    It's fine

    no, ur fine. ;)))

    How's it going, Valoo.? Haven't heard from you in a while.
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