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Grey Wind
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  • Hi.

    Sansa is amazing. Admittedly, I haven't read all of the books (I made the mistake of watching the show first and I'm finding the first book hard to get through because nothing is a surprise so I get bored too easily so I really need to just muscle through it) but even show Sansa is awesome.
    It's actually somewhat boring, which I'm sort of disappointed about. I thought it might be a fun thing to do to spark my interests again, but oh well. I'm probably just bitter because I lost Cady the Budew. ;(
    Pretty good. Though feeling somewhat exasperated in lieu of recent discussions. I'm currently taking a year break from school and ofcourse, all my free time just inevitably gets spent dicking around on the interwebz. I mainly joined here just to talk about 5th gen and do some trading for when I finally got a 3DS, but I noticed you guys have a debate forum, which struck me as completely odd for a pokemon site. I guess the anomaly attracted me and I've mainly been hanging out there ever since.
    I fancy people that pay attention and I feel like being a social butterfly or something. How are you?
    Aw that's a shame I don't use that anymore :( might start using it again after my exams are over though so if I do I'll follow you!!!
    Im pretty sure it wouldn't evolve due to the fact of the dex entries.
    There to far apart if you know what I mean.
    Do you mind explaining to me what you meant in the legendary forum of XY when you said technically an evolution?
    I do believe that I saw the Item & Pkrus trading thread earlier, but I must have forgotten that it even existed. Thank you for pointing it out to me though.
    Because I'm majoring in literature. I always read a lot, but this semester has been extra harsh. I'm only taking 2 classes and I feel like I don't have time for anything.

    At least she's pretty, though. I mean, the value of a person is not in their heart, but in their looks, so she's great! ~
    Can you be my alcoholic partner? Sometimes drinking and pot are the only things that help me cope with the fact that I'm jobless and I have to read 6 novels in 3 months.

    I just finished watching the Espurr episode and I thought that, while generic, it was nice. I connect with Bonnie on a little girl level. I love Clemont too. My frustration is Serena. I adore her, but I can't keep supporting her lack of everything on the show.
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