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  • I see from your profile that you're in London. I hope you haven't been affected by the riots. Are you doing okay?
    I'm out in the sticks so it's all good.
    I don't know if there is going to be a "Grey" version. I read somewhere on Bulbapedia News that Gamefreak don't plan on making a third game.
    What things do you think could be improved/changed if they did make a third one?
    Oh, and why don't you like Gen V's battle system? A lot of people say they prefer V's because it's a lot faster and smoother. I personally don't see a whole lot of difference between the two :/
    I'm playing through Platinum at the moment. I've got Black and SoulSilver, but I've finished them mostly.
    Do you think they'll be a Sapphire/Ruby remake?
    I'm not really that interested in completing my Pokédex, to be honest. Plus, my wifi isn't working at the moment. But thanks for the offer :D
    Which version are you playing?
    in response to conversation between greyinferno & Dark Trainer Ayrille:
    i agree with what you 2 were talking about. thats probably why i hated school (**** lying text books created with false facts) its amazing how many lies are created for the soul porpose of money (makes you wonder....) i trust the math & science text books in schools more then the history & health text books(depends upon subject though.....) the reason i trust math books most: money is all about calculating. so if some one started giving false math people whould catch on quickly and stop it. Wiseman once said "money is the root of all evil" Wiseman also said "dried centapie is good nutrition;it gives you the energy of a hundred running legs!!"lol
    Indeed it is - wait someone else trying to get through Wind Waker? ;w; I'm on the Wind Temple.

    Also my computer refuses to let me use any chat whatsoever - sorry! :<

    I'm supposed to be at high school being a typical high school girl, BUT it's been canceled due to snow, ice, and the fact it's only about 5 degrees outside. :<
    OH GOD I wanna visit Amsterdam so bad...

    Nope, I have no MSN. Chats don't like my computer, or my computer doesn't like chats. :/ I was puzzled for a moment how it could be late for you (here it's just past 8 at night), then I remembered the magic of timezones.
    Here in the states, you can get from as small as community service or paying a fine to being in jail for an undetermined about of time (that's decided by the judge at trial, I believe). It also depends on which state you live in. California's pretty lax on it, while other states are very uptight. I am not in California. :[
    Sadly, there is an awful lot of ignorance to a lot of things, not just cannabis. Hell, most people just say "I hate drugs, they shouldn't exist!", in which case I have to point out their dumb****ery in the fact that all those medicines that save people's lives are drugs, and by taking them away everyone is really screwed. :/ Then they sort of stumble and say "well, only the illegal ones!" when quite a few illegal ones are illegal for the reasons you pointed out. Money, mostly. Money money money. And association.
    This city has only 50,000 people... my mom is the first female pharmacist in the city and one of the main experts in medicine in the area. I get all her info on drugs from her. It's amazing how much textbooks DO lie whenever you have a medical expert to point out all the fallacies. Then again she's also a hippie and used to take LSD trips. :x
    Too many people are misinformed, man. It doesn't make you batshit crazy or impair judgment severely and you can't OD on it. You can die from too much water, but not weed! :/ Christ... And no matter how many studies are done to prove how innocent of a drug it is (and trust me, there's a lot), there will always be someone whining and crying about how wrong and horrible and deadly it is.
    I just started since my mom gave me the okay to do so when I turned 15. My parents and other family members smoke. What's funny is that we're not bad people whatsoever, but really upstanding members of this city's community, and then we do OMG BAD STUFFZ.
    It's similar to. I'd say it'd be like alcohol - you won't go to jail for having it, but it would still be looked down upon negatively by all sides of the law and maybe fined, if that makes sense. Legal means that it's completely fine, decriminalized just means you won't go to jail for it.
    To get a vuplix that knows hypnosis its not too hard. You will need a Male Stantler (10), Spinda (23), Glameow (13), OR Purugly (13) that know hypnosis. I included the level they learn it at next to them. Next, you need a female vuplix or Ninetales. Than just put them in the daycare and wait for the egg :)
    Thank you, yeah I told someone what was going on, and why its not working. They told me to go buy another router that will work. Its not that simple.
    I would love to trade but I can't on any of my games. I do have Wi-Fi yes but the Wi-Fi isn't compablite to my DS. I am still trying to see what I can do on getting it up and running on my DS Lite.
    Yes, I do have a something up my sleeve that works. I teach my Salamance and Dragonite fire blast. (Or for a dragon-type team a fire attack of your choice). Also, it doesn't hurt to teach a ground attack to one of them as well.
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