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  • Hey, I don't know if you're interested, but I've opened signups for a sequel to Scourge of the Skies. I remember you being interested in the first one, so that's why I brought this up. Worry not, should you want to join, you don't need to know much about the first one. So, yeah. Just figured I'd let ya know.
    Hiya! Happy birthday! I'd give you cake, but all I have is the exploding kind. Unless... need someone blown up with cake?
    Hi, can you post on PH. Maybe have Reteka and Seiko talking.

    Reteka will offer to tell Seiko whether he's special or not...
    Don't worry about it, I'm guilt of doing it myself and then people just kindly reminds me to post and I get on it.
    I hate to bother people but I would like to ask are you going to post on Pokemon Heroes again? I'm really patient, I could wait forever until someone posts and on the downside they may never post and my character never moves forward. So I'm asking if you're going to post on it, I'll wait for it. If not, I'll just move my character onwards so the RPG doesn't just stop.
    I made Seiko, but there are a couple of things. I gave him his winter outfit cos it was easier to sprite, and you didn't describe his hair so I tried to make it Dragon like.
    For now, I don't see chaos at all. When I don't know it anymore, then I will call it chaos and then I will react with a question to change something. Likely to add time, so I can make an order in it.
    Nope, I don't mind. After all, I said you may do anything, except power playing. So even if I didn't want it, I couldn't say anything at all... (Follows own rules too strictly...)
    You have partial control with her, but I'm done with what I wanted her to say, so far. So go ahead and return her or whatever you need to.
    Ok so, since you're in the forest too, I guess I'd have to tell you this.

    So anyway, Ysavvryl said that as soon as you enter the forest, Agate forest would cease becoming the Lost Woods, but, I suggested that it would only change once Celebi's "Army" of wild pokemon is defeated, then setting up the battle between Roderick and a team of Luke and Saladin, as well as the fate of the Relic stone.

    This isn't confirmed until Ysavvryl shoots me a reply, but this is just a heads up for now.
    You are in. You are changing Burrado_Aipom. Just, start posting in the RPG thread and in the discussion thread.
    Hi, its me. It is OK to have empathy as an ability, because it is basically the ability feel other peoples emotions.

    It would be nicer, if your character was connected with Mesprit, you know the emotion thing :)
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