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  • Hahaha. In my case, it's good to have a large vocabulary and a tendency to go into specifics of how something looks (I like observing things, even people). You just have to use metaphors a lot, go into more specific details about how one looks and know the names of different clothes (why I do, I have no idea).
    And Histories are fun if you're allowed to go wacky a bit. Well, about everything can be fun if you can go crazy, period! And I'm mean to my characters...sometimes...*whistles* It's just hard to take into account that History applies itself to Personality; that's where my fault lies in, really. I can't exactly have an overly aggressive male character live a happy, bunny-filled, ponies and rainbows life (unless I give him some sort of disorder, but that's another story) and get away with it...um...can I? Hmm... <-- beginning to overthink things...again...*sigh*
    Strangely? The opposite of yours. While I can be very creative and easy-flowing with my Appearances, and occasionally with my Personality if I'm familiar with 'em, I can rarely find the right words or even right sequence for my Histories! The trick of having Appearances, for me, is having the picture in your head - not a hard thing for me to do due to an overactive imagination. I've always played with the appearance of characters through drawings and mind-images.
    'Cept that imagination tends to go overboard, sometimes even illogical and/or stupid, when trying to come up with Histories that don't sound too cliche, overdone, or just plain bad. I don't have a lot of histories in sign-ups that I'm proud of; they've always been my weakness.
    I know that they'd deserve it. They would have put a lot of effort into it (like you did on your History). And when I see them, it sometimes makes me want to work harder on my sign-ups. I mean, until I saw PBC's sign up (they were always hella long), most of mine weren't even half as good as they are now. I went through a short phase of making long sign-ups 'cause he rubbed off on me. Well, they're long to me; they got nothing on your Histories, methinks. Hahahaha! It got rusty on my absence, but it's still there. As much as I like making my sign-ups long, I don't want to overdo it.
    Did you always make your Histories long?
    Let's both hope that there aren't any people who can one-up our-sign ups. We should amp up the sign-ups in case, though. Heh. I have a grave dreadful feeling that PBC and cdra (two of the most outstanding rpers I've had the pleasure of meeting and rping with if you've never heard of 'em. Haven't seen them as of late) might appear out of thin air and make suberb sign-ups that make mine feel like a three-year old with bad grammar made it.
    Hey! I was wondering if your character and mine (Dante Ryuu) could have a support relationship? They're both about the same age, so... yeah. :D
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