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  • Did you think any more about joining Paradox City? Like I said, you don't need to know a ton about Kamen Rider, and I can give you pointers if you wanted to join and needed some help
    I'm considering it. I'll probably have to look at the wiki first and see if I'm able to come up with anything. Probably over the weekend.
    Ah, okay, just let me know if you'd like any help
    Omegamon swung his right arm outwards, ejecting the Grey Sword from the dragon-shaped gauntlet in a sharp expulsion of smoke. Flames began to dance along the surface of the blade. Next, the Garuru Cannon burst from the lupine gauntlet of his left hand. He raised his arm and pointed the cannon straight at Belphemon. Shining white energy frothed from the muzzle of the Garuru Cannon, building up within the confines of the metal as he charged his attack.
    I think you got his arms wrong. Grey sword is left. Garuru cannon is right.
    But how do I do it? D:

    Of course, my question is, which bird Digimon? I will check Google to see if your choice is sufficient enough for MY MAN.

    Round starts in 3... 2... 1... NOW!
    Can I go back to being young again so I can just watch and read and write nonstop like I used to? Hmmm...

    I'd totally let you write me a Digimon fic if you threw Daedalus into the mix... somehow. It could be fun.

    Okay, put up yo fists boy
    Ah, well. You still hold the record of being the only person who ever got me into a long running series that wasn't an anime, you know. XD

    You could sign up for Yuletide, by the way, get someone to write you a Digimon fic. ;)

    You don't sound scared enough tbh
    ...I don't recall an angsty guy named Shinn, and you know me. I remember everything angst-related. And ugh, I've kind of gotten the craving to re-watch LOST lately, but life's too busy. Why?!?!?!

    Fanfics never go as planned. They troll writers better than actual trolls troll the internet.

    do it or u get a real ax not just a comma ax
    I mean, you did get me into Gundam and LOST and other **** I never thought I'd like, so I believe you. ;) I'm not sure about Seed Destiny... which is that again? lol.

    Heh, well, you don't HAVE to do all 8 gyms, I suppose! That's not a required thing for journey fics.

    u heard me boy
    You do? XD Wow. I was mostly joking, but! I do want to finish it, it was an entertaining and cute anime. ;o; And I see, so Digimon is our new Gundam...?

    Was it? Most journey fics are. You never gave me spoilers for NITWOMP so I have no idea, lmao. And I'll give you a comma ax for nostalgia's sake if you want. ;)

    do it or die
    Well, it seems somewhat watchable, then! Though the real question is, when are we going to finish Axis Powers Hetalia?

    Yeah, well, you can always still get to those other writing projects someday! :3 Unless all of your works are monstrous epics like your Digimon fics, then maybe not. And two commas in the same sentence isn't bad, as long as they're in the right places. ;) I completed my work as your beta/comma ax-er long ago!

    Adding's kind of a pain on Discord, yeah. ._. I can add you if you give me your username and the four numbers under your username in the bottom left hand part of the Discord screen!
    You can't make me!!!!!!!! ...Assuming Digimon is also, like, 600 episodes or something ridiculous.

    Fair enough! I've actually run into the opposite problem - I can't focus on one chaptered story at once anymore. :') But yeah, who knows, maybe you'll get the last push of motivation you need to rewrite it sometime! Regardless, I'm glad you're still writing, really! I remember the days I used to beta and hit you with comma axes every 3 lines or so. Good times.

    Yeah! So hit me up if you go on more and I'll add you and bug you hehehe
    And then comes that awkward moment when I don't know any of those Digimon by name. :') Can you be a grovyle instead? At least I know what that is!

    They were fun! But hey, if your heart's not in NITWOMP, I suppose there's no point revisiting it and trying to force it to be written.

    Yeah, you can add and message individual people! The program's pretty flexible.
    Huh. What Digimon do you want to be? And hey, Corphish wasn't a loser! Or Treecko! Or Atlas! ...Maybe Jeff. Just kidding. <3 And aw, darn. Well, if you ever get on again, you should totally add me anyway!!!
    You write so much Digimon you're going to turn into one yourself soon, I think. :') Daedalus will miss you as his human writer. And I do have Skype, but I'm not really on it anymore. I have a Discord, which I have on in the background all the time like I did Skype. You have that?
    Dooo ittttttttt. You still writing the Digimonz? Or maybe NITWOMP? ;P And I mean, if psychology = emo studies (which it could), then maybe I will!
    Ah, that's still a a month or two away, okay. I don't think you ever told me what your degree was, lol. What'd you end up doing/what you gonna do an internship in? And hmm, well, I've been visiting the beach and doing lots of writing! I'm also considering going back to school... I must be crazy. :')
    Nice, congrats! When ya graduating? And any plans for afterward? Real life adult stuff is a bit scary at first, but not too bad. It'll be all right. :3
    Hey, you! Things are going pretty well, I moved again recently and am enjoying the downtime from not having a job, lol. How 'bout for you?
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