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  • Going well! I've been working on Scourge of the Skies, but the holidays have kept me busy. Hopefully I'll be able to get it all together soon. I've just PM'ed some info to Kamotz to see what he thinks, so I'd be glad to get your input too!
    Hey, have you seen Digimon Adventure Tri, yet! Royal Knights galore! And Huckmon! Eek!! Sorry, I had geek out at someone. :D
    stop being so classy wow!!!! and it goes i guess. i work too much. i get sick a lot because i work with kids. that's about it
    And then I find out it's because my phone isn't powerful enough to have the right browser... Dang it.. Oh well. This might take longer than I thought.
    Thanks for laying the groundwork, Griff! I really appreciate it.

    Just one little problem on my side... I keep trying to make an account but it keeps saying "reCAPTCHA text does not match". I don't get it. I tried typing the bolded words and the entire text, with and without a period. It probably should be obvious on the solution, but I don't even know the problem. X/ What did you do when you registered?
    Ah, I see. Okay.

    Huh. All right. Now I can work on my post.
    It would be nice if you told me how Jasper would react to what Sura said, but since you're tired, I'll let that slide until you're better.
    Wait... I saw what you said said in the Child of Legend Discussion thread... ...Maybe yoy could just tell me so you won't have to hurry making your post for CW? ^^;
    Hey Griff, um... I wanna get a post up but uh... I kinda need to know how Pelagius is gonna react... I mean, I could just do Sura only while I wait, but I was wondering if you could tell me. ^^;
    yeah. there musrt have been something wrong with tundra's connection. He said he couldn't see the signup thread...but then he posted anyway...soo...
    Perfect, thanks. ^^ Mogar has been busy so I've taken up the role of Co-GM. Time to get the ball rolling.
    Hi there! Just wanted see if you are still interesting in continuing the Children of Legend RP? Haven't seen you around recently so just wanted to check up before we move on. Thanks!
    Maybe the ebook form will get you motivated. ;p How's writing going for you?

    Yeah, some maths and stats are involved. Not too much though, at least not yet!

    Ah, I see. Certainly was an active period, so there'd be a lot in there.
    I just read your post properly and I just realized that you made Homer close to the ground. XP He wasn't. I don't mind though, since I already posted. XP We can always say the Wargreymon pushed him closer to the ground.
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