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  • He cheated by shuffling his opponents deck in a way that he was able to essentially stack the deck while making it look like he was shuffling randomly.

    Yeah. It's sad to see so many of our old RPG crew gone.
    I work for TCGplayer.com. We're like the Amazon of all things gaming-related. We're the largest seller of MTG cards...probably in the world.

    Yes, that's my real name. I don't think the cheating was a result of our match. He was just a scumbag that probably got where he was because he cheated and no one caught him until recently.

    Yeah that's totally fine with me. I sent smb a PM via fanfiction.net, since that's how I got back in contact with him the last time. But who knows if he'll respond. He hasn't updated anything there since September.

    I think you should (regardless of signing up), if only because it's pretty solid television and it fills in the gaps.
    That said, if you're looking for an RPG to join, I've got an Avatar one starting up soon.
    Well, I was de-modded yesterday :( The result of a lack of activity on my part in addition to the lack of overall activity in the RPG forum. Other than that I've been pretty good. Work is great...other than sh*ty people being in charge. I don't know if you ever saw this, but it was the recording of my match against the MTG Pro-Tour Rookie of the year, Jared Boettcher...he was later issued a 4-year ban for cheating...

    I'll get my write-ups together and send them your way in the next couple of days.
    Hey there, just wondering how you were doing...and if you wanted the full run-down on how Paradise Lost through Ragnarok War was going to play out.
    I still haven't finished the chapter yet, haha. Going a little slower because I got busy. The ones I've got coming up are (still) cycle-bikers, an assistant to the President of the Devon Co., and various elite trainers from all over the regions and a handful of their respective Pokemon (they will be gathered together at some point).
    I'm working on catching up on your Royal Knight fic. Actually, I'd read more than I thought I had! I just finished Chapter Ten, and am about to start Chapter Eleven. I've always loved Balion, but I like Ulforce a lot too. He's not quite as fantastic as ol' Ballyhoo, but he's up there!

    Oh, also, do you know what kind of character you'd like to come up with? I'm working on Chapter Four, and will be at Cycling Road in a couple pages, if you wanted to make a biker-cyclist character or two. No need to go into any huge detail for any of these; just a simple description of appearance, personality, relevant history, and Pokemon will do!
    I should've specified!

    Yes, I mean cyclists. But I want them to act like motorbikers. Because that's hilarious.
    Alright, sweet! Some upcoming character-roles I need filled are: three bikers (each w/ Pokemon), an assistant of the Devon Pres. (w/o Pokemon), multiple big-shot trainers (from any region; w/ Pokemon). So if you can think of something to fill any of those roles, awesome!
    Hey, Griffy! I don't know if you remember, but sometime last year I started working on a Pokemon fanfic, and then I sort of stopped working on it. Well, I revamped it a little, reworked the plot (and by that I mean actually gave it a concrete plot... Haha), and re-posted it. Wasn't sure if you were interested, but if you are, feel free to check it out!
    Weird ones. Lots of out-of-universe sort of stuff. We dealt with the cosmic incarnations of death, so now we're dealing with UN-death. Anti-Death. Undying Cancer.
    Really run. We got to see friends together that we hadn't seen since graduating university in 2010. It was awesome.
    Don't worry about it too much. I got married (officially) on Saturday so I've been busy. Haven't even been able to finish the last 5% of the short Onihime story.
    Physics, more specifically radio astronomy (involving computational coding/analysis). ~

    What are you studying currently at uni? And that's a nice break there, enjoy it! I am quite envious. =p

    I never got into digimon much, have to say. *shrug* Pokémon is my main vice. =p

    Hmm, there may have been one article involving that, haha. Stuff is a bit slow atm with it however, I guess because some people still have finals and whatnot...
    Yes, you should. ;p And Retelling is finished too! (Am updating with edits every now and again for older chapters, but it's more minor polish/removing typos than anything).

    Matter of time is right. At least three years, quite possibly longer. =p

    Vacation from what, if I may ask? And for how long? Here it's just nearing winter and no incoming break.

    Are the other stories digimon ones, or anything beyond that? My fics still mostly remain Pokémon, haha. And there's articles I contribute to on a Pokémon webzine I run too. Pokemonpokemonpokemon
    Yeah, that could've been an interesting alternate form for her.

    I will start the Abandoned soon, I'm just drowning in work right now but my final exam is next Wednesday so after that I'm free for a few months.
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