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  • You think??

    I've gone through your entire work in three days, & my eyesight is still in top form.

    So, throw everything you've got at me, I can take it!
    Oh, right, that one. That was actually this series! 8D It wasn't actually a T-Rex, it was a Giganotosaurus or something, which is apparently even bigger.

    But yeah. I do recommend starting from the beginning, because while it has quite an episodic, monster-chase-of-the-week format, there IS a vague underlying plot there. They're also not afraid to kill off main characters occasionally, albeit presumably not as often as something like Lost.
    That post you linked means nothing to me, since the guy's using hobo-Phoenix, not normal Phoenix. >>;

    WHICH EPISODE WAS IT? The one where they chase raptors on motorcycles (the people are on motorcycles, that is, not the raptors)? 8D
    Indeed. It's almost as cool as saying "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis".

    Which is the longest word in the English language. Pretty cool, huh?
    It takes a lot of practice, and your lip and tongue muscles have to be in just the right position to take full advantage of the "badeebadeebah" part. It's the key part of the word. Yup.
    Hahaha I love it when those really stuck-up, snobby people of sppf try to argue it makes me laugh.

    I'm with ya Griff! We'll get Digimon on 'em!!
    Hey, I was never agreeing to bnb's proposal of war against you.

    And did Velotus ever hate you, as such? If there's anyone he hates right now, it's me.

    but I still love him anyway

    And tl;dr nonsense? Wow someone is in the past- and someone obviously can't take jokes.

    But then again you jumped down my throat over a simple tease.
    You really don't grasp, you yourself are the troll here.

    Edit: I mean seriously is this what you'd do to peeople you can't agree with? Call them names, try and compare them to a friend you also 'belittle', not understand nor take a joke? I mean good god, teasingly saying 'if you were a real grammar nazi you'd even want perfect spelling in posts, because most grammar nazis, are perfectionists', sets off the carebare police, of idiocy?

    Because really, you've done nothing but try to act holier than thou, at me, and in the end you've come up short, showing yourself as a sad little excuse of a human that can't see past its own nose, acts as arrogant as anything, and thinks it's gods gift to people because 'oh I don't act like this horrible person on SPPf''.

    Even tho you are acting worse.
    Well since you're the one with the trolling problem, you really should stop acting like you're so much better, so much more holy. There's a difference between saying, I'm calling the Care police, and calling someone a *****.

    Is trying to prove you're 'so much better' than someone on a pokemon forum, so important to you, that you'll stoop to being something lower than where you place the person?

    Good job.
    . I also try to keep mine above a 4th grade level, unlike some people I can name.

    What's wrong? Can't you take what you dish out, b*tch?
    Now now, name calling can get you infracted.

    And what's wrong, you can't take the fact I was offline, asleep, unable to answer? Wow are you that desperate for attention that you'll throw hissy fits if you don't get imidiate responces? Wow. I think you need help :)
    Oh now you bring out the fat jokes?

    Well. Aren't you a spechul childe.

    Edit: btw I called the Care police 4 u 2
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