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  • That doesn't happen to be titled "Victory or Death" Hmm?

    Oh, & it's insatiable,thank you very much
    Right... Even though these two are the same, they're still two different languages.

    Any way you cut it, though, you'd be right, as most of the people here are like royalty, while I'm a maniac with a bloodfrenzy.
    The only thing I'd ask for when we start Dark Reign, is to include some sort of more relavent history for STrom, since he was in the last RP. Basically include what he did during the Civil War.
    Your signature doesn't notify anyone looking at it that Chapter 22 is up; that's what's wrong with your sig.
    Hey, I'm sending this out to everyone involved, wondering if you'd be up for trying to continue/finish Digimon: Civil War. I know it's been a while, but if you're up for it, I'd be willing to put in the work to see it through.
    Well, I'm not sure if these are the best there are, but these are the most renowned ones.

    University of Adelaid, Australian National Uni, Uni of Melbourne, Monash Uni, Uni of New South Wales, Uni of Queensland, Uni of Sydney, and Uni of Western Australia.
    Like to know what's worse than both of those??
    Amputation. I could hardly imagine someone living without a limb. If I would lose an arm, or even one of my hands, I'd commit suicide, but my legs I can do without...
    Buckle fractures are actually a crack in a bone that doesn't actually break the bone outright. The bone is still whole, but is weakened where the crack is located.
    & about the one time that you've told me that I never had a dislocated knee, you're absolutely correct about that; the worst injury I've ever gotten was a buckle fracture on my left wrist.
    Did you read the last part of my super-extendo review yet? You should.
    Also, I'll poke you to death with sharp pins & needles if you don't heed my advice!
    So is the I...
    Still, it could be worse; Miss Bay at one time completely butchered my name, & I was taken aback just at the sight of it. As soon as I complained to her about this, she later admitted that she was lousy at names.
    Anyway, so make sure you have a look at my latest findings, which there are a lot, as always, with me.
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