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  • I'm now up to chapter 14 in my quest for scrutiny.
    Oh, & thank you for correcting my name in your PM list back in the beginning. If you're beating yourself up over this, don't, as you're far from the only person who has misspelled my name. Hell, people have been doing that prior to me even coming here...
    I've started to scrutinize your piece, & I'm up to chapter 8.
    Even so, I've found a whole bunch of things that these other so-called "nazis" before me have passed by.
    Unlike the others, I have sharp vision, which enables me to pick up mistakes that would otherwise be missed by some. So be thankful that you have me around.
    Just be sure that you don't go posting the next chapter on me without me finishing my work, you hear?
    So, you're wandering which game that this image was from?
    That is an image from Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Sprees are indeed awesome. :D

    You'll talk to me the next time we happen to be online at the same time without upcoming lessons or whatnot. :)
    Ah well. I should be asleep at the moment anyway though. Felt like doing another mass writing spree on my fic instead though, which means I've nearly done my next chapter. Yay for me! ^^
    Well, that IS an escape route... although a rather desparate one.

    (BTW - go on the 'secret' chat? Although I mightn't be the quickest at responses all the time).
    That might be a problem, I suppose...

    And I see you fell for my trap in sending me a friend invite. *accepts* Fool! THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM THIS FRIENDSHIP! :p
    Australia's the place for you then. :p Winter is cold, but never below zero easily, execpt in the mountains I suppose (which is the only place where it snows in Australia).
    Yay for that then - hope you enjoy our boiling hot summers and anti-snow winters when you come then. ^^

    Being younger FTW. Although I've had people underestimate my age as well, heh.

    Miror B only uses the very best hair-related products, naturally. Plus his hair colour is 100% natural! :p
    Are you coming to Australialand?

    Well, I don't know much about the unis outside of Sydney, and I still have a year of high school left. But generally the ones named after the major cities they are in (e.g. Uni of Sydney, Uni of Brisbane, etc) would be the better ones.

    As for in NSW (the state that I live in), IMHO, The Uni of Sydney is the best one. But the Uni of NSW comes a close second (both are very good), and another 'UTS' situated in Sydney is also pretty good - that focuses more on technology. Uni of Newcastle is alright, but not as good as the others. On the flip side, you need a better UAI to get into the Uni of Sydney/NSW than the Uni of Newcastle.

    And his afro is basically made of hair so it isn't that heavy. Plus I suppose he's been living with it for a while so he just developed surprisingly strong neck muscles.
    You have to much pms, so I'll ask you here. Wich one of your three links is leading to your fanfic?
    No, I'm not. I haven't the time anymore. Dude, did you not realize that I rarely make appearances here now?
    yeah, i wasn't too keen on it at first, either. It was kind of a retrospective thing, deciding that was one of my two favorite seasons. Definitely loved Bleach from the start, though. Do you watch it? That and Death Note are the only two anime I watch now and Death Note's over, so I guess just bleach.
    Oh. I see. I guess I should check out the oneshot if I want to know more, then.

    Also, I see you're a part of a Digimon club? I loved digimon, especially seasons 1 and 4. They've been replaced by Bleach now, but they will always have a special place in my heart!
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