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    Digimon Idylls: Fracture (PG-13)

    Coralia Ceto (Scorpiomon) A Camelot Alleyway One minute, she had been following the group to what she thought would be a sanctuary for the curious blue knight known as Averitt. The next minute, the angels had suddenly began attacking them with every ounce of their strength, it seemed. She...
  2. Griff4815

    Digimon Idylls: Fracture (PG-13)

    Coralia Ceto (Scorpiomon) Camelot - Alleyways "Oh no, I didn't sign up for any of whatever this is." Kat said, shaking her head. "I'm not sure any of us did," Magnus said, "But there's something strange going on here and I don't think I can walk away now." Cora nodded to herself. "Yeah, I...
  3. Griff4815

    Digimon Idylls: Fracture (PG-13)

    Coralia Ceto (Scorpiomon) Camelot - Street Cora listened intently to the big, golden warrior. Her eyes couldn't help but drift towards the Duramon's long, bladed arms, which looked as sharp as they were shiny. "Well, your guess is as good as mine, but if your looking for the parade just follow...
  4. Griff4815

    Digimon discussion - Digimon Adventure: now available on Crunchyroll

    Pretty sure they confirmed that Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadimon, and Wormmon return with their original seiyuus, which is pretty good news.
  5. Griff4815

    Digimon Idylls: Fracture (PG-13)

    Coralia Ceto (Scorpiomon) Camelot City Streets The rattling of about a dozen blades against stone filled the air around her. Cora scuttled down a busy, Camelot street, her legs quickly tapping against the ground as she hurried down the road. In each of her mandibles was a half-shell clam from...
  6. Griff4815

    Digimon Idylls: Fracture (SU)

    Work in progress Name: Coralia "Cora" Ceto Species: Scorpiomon Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance: Standard. Personality: Cora is a constant ray of sunshine. She's chipper, kind, and she's always ready to lend a claw to somebody who needs help. Her philosophy in life is that there's nothing so...
  7. Griff4815

    Digimon: Civil War

    Jasper Diamondmantle the Imperious (BanchoGolemon) Location Unknown - Secret Island As Goliath and Ajax debated strategy with Krond and Brigid, Jasper stood nearby. He was close enough to appear like he was part of the conversation, but he had more important things to think about. While he...
  8. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    (Continued from the previous post) - Thunder reverberated in the near distance. GrandisKuwagamon flew through the drab, smoky sky, looking around alertly. He felt the cool wind breathe against his wings as he floated along at a high altitude. The pain that had previously wracked his body was...
  9. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    Chapter 39: Contract with the Devil (Part I) Examon placed his clawed hand against a weathered, wooden surface. He tucked his wings back and listened to the soft chatter coming from the other side. The dragon Royal Knight was standing outside of The Radiant Shield tavern in Knights’ Cross...
  10. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    (Continued from the previous post) - Alphamon walked down the second floor corridor in silence. There was a silent intensity in his gait. RhodoKnightmon quietly walked behind the foremost Royal Knight. His stare was fixed onto Alphamon’s caped back. To his surprise, Alphamon passed by the...
  11. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    Trying to catch up here. Here's the relationship drama chapter. Chapter 38: Contrast The full moon drifted sluggishly in the astral sky. Lying across from it was its smaller twin: a crescent moon that still rested in the east. The pair of moons cast a pale, blue glow across the landscape of...
  12. Griff4815

    How long is too long for a chapter?

    As somebody who has pretty long chapters and routinely has to cut his in two, I'll try to answer this. For me, 20-25 pages is my usual chapter length. I'll sometimes go a bit longer than that, but I usually just end up splitting the chapter into two more manageable chunks. I sometimes worry that...
  13. Griff4815

    Digimon: Idylls

    Awesome work! You already heard some of my thoughts about this, but I think this was a strong start to your story. I like both Artorigus and Cei as characters so far. Their friendship feels natural, befitting of childhood friends. Both their fathers feel like real characters too. I also like...
  14. Griff4815

    I watched about the same amount of Den-O. I need to get back to that one too.

    I watched about the same amount of Den-O. I need to get back to that one too.
  15. Griff4815

    Starting to get back into Kamen Rider. Had to stop watching a year or two ago because of class...

    Starting to get back into Kamen Rider. Had to stop watching a year or two ago because of class, but I'm picking up where I left off in Kamen Rider Kuuga.