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  • Well. I take effort, To find what I found I searched high an low. But we always have some big Flea Market Bash every year..

    Wuts ur opinion on Sawneek now?
    Mabye Australia has bettur Flea Markets than America. I happened to find a Copy of Pulseman for 20$, Unopened at that (One of those happen to cost around 200$)

    i kno.
    I would still rather play BK/BT on the N64 rather than on the Xbox live Port (Only BK is aviable ATM). But yeah your right Tales of Vesperia is awesome.

    Well so is Grumpy Old Man Spy.
    BK:N&B was mediocre. Not a bad game, but Nothing like BK and BT.

    I know
    So there I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    I was finishing Boss Battles (on Easy mode, because I fail like that) and trying to get under 5 minutes, with Zero Suit Samus. I looked at the timer during Tabuu and just knew I wasn't gonna make it.

    Guess what my time was? 4:58:59. Seriously. Would've been even better if it were 4:59:59.
    Yeah, pretty much that. I don't even know who's who anymore really. All the cool people seemed to have left, and there's really no sign of any cool people at all coming in.

    Just a bunch of silly kids who think typing like a retard is cute.
    Actually, I dunno, he's no longer online anymore as it seems. Maybe just vacation hopefully. And also because I never talk to him anymore. I miss our silly adventures together really.

    Only weirdos I know in misc is this alloute character, and a few other tards. And of course someone posting in misc about how things are lame today or something like that.
    So it seems I've missed out on the epicness of Misc's constant failures and such. Mind filling me in on the haha's and teehee's of this year, before Sogeking decided to leave and go rogue?
    I got it from Encycolpedia Dramatica. I love much fail that site is, somtimes it's true/funny but mostly it's just the same cock joke over and over agian.
    He's prolly a gay ass 13 year old boy Bawing his faggotty **** all over the internet because his is an Epic failure who deserves to be trolled and be raped by the zombie of Micheal Jackson due to his shitty taste in music and compare a brilliant musicion to shitty gay boybands.

    Sorry for my swearing. But those are the only words I can describe my rage.
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