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  • These three guys are out fishing, and when they get back to their truck they see it's surrounded by three bears.

    "OK guys, I figure the only way to get to the truck is to really get them mad. Then they'll leave and we can go home. So, Ed, you take the one on the left, the little cub with the broken leg, and I'll take the one in the middle, the little cub with one eye and a hurt paw, and Joe, you take the one on the right, the huge silvertip mama grizzly bear with blood-encrusted claws, the big teeth, and froth around the mouth".

    "Hey, man wait a sec, I'm supposed to get this monster mad, and you guys get the cubs ? That's not fair!"

    "Now, now, Joe. We all have our bears to cross."
    I remember no such conversation. Your own beast like lust must have driven you to hallucinate.
    oh ok...my friend is coming over so I am mostly waiting for him. He's almost as good as yoshi and a good bit better than me but not a lot better. (he's somewhat challenging)
    Ok thanks. Yea I was supposed to make Father's Day Cards and I didn't know if my mom wanted me to put something specific on there or not so when she came in and I told her they didn't have text she flipped out...we might continue it later but I shouldn't get on for a while just in case...
    But because of the speed Samus deploys the bombs, and the time it takes for them to detonate, I'd think it would leave her wide open for an attack from a good edge-guarder. And I did notice some lag when I tried attacking Smeargle last night with Samus - couldn't move for about a second.

    Red is trying to work on his strategy some more, and he is getting better. And I can't help but feel like that was "twatish" comment was also directed at me, and chances are it was, so I'll shut up.

    Tried playing with DDD last night. Love his tilts, especially his up and down tilts. and it seems I can only kill efficiently with those tilts with him. His smashes are just too slow.

    It's in a VM with redx125. I made a comment about his tendency to use Stone a lot, making him very predictable, and Zero-wolf pops out of nowhere and says:

    BTW To be honest, Sonic Boom you are sumtimes, too =/ I always have no choice to take down Sonic whenever he spammed w/roll.
    Despite the fact that Sonic delivers the most damage and keeps the pressure on the opponent with them. What I think is funny though is what he says later on:

    But I don't play as Sonic.
    So has he a right to decide the "perfect" strategy for Sonic?

    I saw that post, but I didn't catch that particular comment at the end. Guess I'll have to see it again.
    I've only started using advanced techniques in Brawl, so I had no practice for advanced bombing beforehand. I don't see much use for the bomb-stall though, except to just...stall. And the thing with the grapple is that it's narrow, so it doesn't have much of a hitbox. So if it misses, you're leaving yourself open for a bit. And I forgot that he may be vacationing, due to summer. Guess I'm not used to everyone having the same vacation time as I do, since I got out a month ago.

    His ZSS strategy is just Paralyzer, grab, aerial, and repeat, right? I can see where the lag can benefit it, especially since the grab is an extended one.
    Making her floatier than she already is with the bombs was the first thing that came to mind, and the mechanics haven't changed from Melee to Brawl either. I just wish they went off by touch, so they could pose a big threat on the ground. He made good use of the Grapple Beam when in the air, as every time I tried to approach with Sonic, I was met with the end of it. He times his aerials very well, and so on. It's unfortunate that he left without so much as a notice. It makes me wonder the worst.

    OK, so I'm not the only one. He keeps making comments about me spamming Spin Dashes a lot on Wi-fi, and in VMs to other users. It's not that that annoys me, but also his comments that he "has no choice but to end it," provides nothing to help improve on my game, and so on.

    Damn, I'm making an drama out of this. Sorry.
    I need to work on her grab some more, and find a way to use her bombs more efficiently, but I'm starting like her Charge shot and D-tilt a lot now. And I haven't seen Atoyont use Samus much anymore - it's usually GW or ROB. I haven't seen Atoyont much either, wonder what happened to him.

    And is it just me, or does Zero-Wolf have a strong ego?
    Yes, that's what I mean. On both counts. It's getting too redundant for me to use the same two over and over. I've never given much practice on other characters (until recently, Marth had no Vs. matches under my records belt, despite having the file since Christmas), so I want to give it a shot using other characters strengths. I think I'm getting used to Samus though.
    I'm going to make it habit that my last Brawl for a set will be whenever I use Sonic. Just so I can get used to other styles, and that I can wrap up with my main.
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