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  • I thought it had been a problem at my end of the connection, since my internet decided to lag considerably when I was trying to access Google of all things. But those matches were OK. By the way, were you using random characters during those last matches?

    Yes, it was The_Mexican_Smeargle in those first few matches, and yes, you joining in is what caused the lag; lag was pretty nonexistent when it was just me and him. And it became nonexistent again when he left. I wouldn't think anything of it though - earlier today I had a 3 person match where the lag was just horrible.
    Considering I haven't had a problem since, and for the last two days, I followed the same routine as usual, I'll guess it was temporary.

    What I meant was that I had went to Wi-fi again and did not have a problem, so I don't think I'll have that problem and be worried about it again.

    I can be on in about 45 minutes, if that's all right.
    Matter of fact, there could see a colorful triangle pattern in my left eye that night. I woke up the next day and my eye wasn't damaged, though I did have that migraine for the rest of the day. I think I should be OK with Brawling now.
    Sorry about leaving that quickly, and suiciding at the end. During the match, I could swear that my left eye was losing sight, because I couldn't see Sonic at all at times. I wanted to make sure I was hopefully hallucinating, and now my eye is fine now. I'm hesitant to get on and play Brawl again though.
    Good games earlier today.

    Nothing in particular stood out, except for the time I stage spiked you twice with either Fox's or Pit's Back Aerial (I can't remember the character I was using). The fact that I won against R.O.B. with Falcon was also memorable.

    For the most part, I see that I need to use Up Tilts more. You, SaulGCube and Icosahedron all use them to juggle in ways I just can't get to work.

    My Game & Watch also needs work, although I'm starting to believe what you said about never having much trouble with the character.
    Well he must have overcame that "miff" since he's using Falcon more, plus when we finish a ditto he immediately go's to stage select.
    Yeah I can never do all of the up attacks in the double edged dance, all i end up doing is his up b instead.
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