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  • Just tested the up throw on a C. Falcon, I would need atleast 270%. His back throw can KO if they're at high percent and, near the ledge. Yeah i meant his up B. So wait looking at your mains in the SSBB club do you really truly use random characters, or do you probably house a secret main that you don't want anyone to know?
    Im not even sure if his throws have much kill potential. If you wanted to KO me with a throw then i probably would've needed to be at least 200%. Though it truly depends on position and whatnot. Yeah the lag would occasionally kill me, for instance I'd do a Falcon Punch when i wanted to use Falcon Boost(is that what it's called?)
    Well it pushes me alittle while i was in the air, or it would make me trip right in front of someone....wait nvm it wouldn't KO me it was just annoying. Was there really alot of lag between our brawls?
    Yeah i noticed that when you just kept using that Knee, even if it didn't sweet spot me I still got ko'd a couple of times from it :/.
    Yeah, but hey they were still fun as heck. I got a question though were playing seriously in those matches lol? In one match you would just fool around then, in another match all of a sudden you'd seem like you were trying too win.
    Well, I main Falcon, so I try not to lose with him more so than with any other character. And you were using Captain Falcon against Wolf. Yeah, I play Yoshi a little, and he's surprisingly good. I guess I don't give him enough credit. You did indeed play well that match (heh, I always walked right into your Egg Throw when you used it as recovery...).

    And yeah, if that was your reaction then you know how I'm a terribly sore loser. When that happens, I either somehow pull large combos out of nowhere (honestly, they aren't intentional - if I was able to combo like that every time I played, then maybe I would be in the running for "Best SPPf Brawler") or make rash moves that cost me big time (such as my final fair hit with DK on Lucario that put me well beyond any hope of recovery).
    ...What happened there? See, that's why I totally don't think that your skills are a measly 4/10. Or maybe they are and mine are as well. Either way, with the possible exception of when I chose Captain Falcon, you held your own.

    Although I have to say, and it might be because I've been playing more matches offline vs. CPUs than on Wi-Fi lately, but the lag really messed me up. If you wondered why I didn't edgeguard with Wolf as much as I could've, it's because his up-special is horrible at sweetspotting the ledge, so the lag would've messed up my recovery. Also, I lost with Ike against Yoshi of all characters, and I didn't beat your Pit once. I was also really mad when I lost as DK against Lucario. On the bright side, my Falcon seems fairly immune to lag....

    But yeah. I think you've gotten better, and I don't think that I'm the best brawler in SPPf. Although I think you realize that by now.
    WGCV23 lives in Mexico, I think, and Mewluvr lives in Canada. So either wi-fi couldn't take another person living in another country, or something else.

    I have played Zero-Wolf with another person, and won a couple of matches. But when we fought one-on-ones, I was beaten handily. Just another sign that I need to practice dodging in place and grabbing out of a shield. I haven't played against Icosohedron though.

    That depends if I'm outside doing yard work, or if my brother needs the game for his friends.
    4-player matches are fun, but Wi-fi wasn't kind to those kind of matches last night; Each time The Mexican Smeargle tried to join in a Brawl between me, Mewluvr200, and WGCV23, the lag became horrendous, and everything shut down each time we tried to press a button. We just gave up on it after 30 seconds of it.

    I didn't notice any lag in those matches, though it was probably because I was tired and in desperate need of sleep that I couldn't notice it. We could try again later tonight though, and see if the lag is even more evident.
    Good Brawls, and the Falcon dittos were a blast. Yeah, I got over my irritation with the memes, and I've actually started to get used to his style.

    I'm actually surprised that I beat your MKs, with as much priority and speed as he has.
    Exactly five months ? Wow, that wasn't even planned. Higher powers are at work here my friend.
    Apparently Sonic Boom has, in his words, "no toleration" for the Falcon memes, now or at any time past, so that's why he didn't want to join us. He has something of a legitimate reason, though.

    Regardless, those were fun. Falcon's just so fun to mess around with. The uptilt cancels, colliding Falcon Punches, and synchronized taunts were hilarious.
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