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Recent content by grokusama

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    sure, i can help you, but with that amount of poke, we will need to do it this weekend, saturday...

    sure, i can help you, but with that amount of poke, we will need to do it this weekend, saturday or sunday...let me know which day is better. ps. your inbox is full
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    hi, sorry for the delay, ive been on vacation...but i was wondering if you were still interested in the trade?? Quote Originally Posted by grokusama View Post hi, im interested in your shiny: Farfetch'd: Adamant Level 1 Leaf blade/Revenge/Mirror Move/Flail 31/31/31/1/31/31 Defiant Sneasel...
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    lf: charmander, squirtle caterpie, chikorita, cyndaquil, treecko, mudkip, chimchar, puplup, unown, mime jr. oF: kadabra, combusken, ivysaur, dragonite, kyurem, regis, cobalion, virizion, terrakion.
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    [FREE]Hope and Tyranith's Dream Shop!

    pineapple.. hi do you still have the dw charmander timid flawless...might i be able to get it??
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    ooo ok..i didnt know that..thanks

    ooo ok..i didnt know that..thanks
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    i have: Shroomish-M-lv1 (Adamant) {Flawless IVs} Bulbasaur-M-lv1 (Modest) {31/31/31/30/31/31} Gible-M-lv1 (Jolly) w/outrage {Flawless IVs} MattJ's Latios lv40 (Timid) {29/21/30/30/31/31} Psychoward86bg's Mewtwo lv70-(Timid) {31/31/31/31/31/31}- Psycho Cut/Amnesia/Fire Blast/Shock Wave...
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    no problem....when will you be avalable?? is now ok?
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    ok..i can meet u in the wifi room in a minute..my fc is in my sig
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    are you available for trade right now?
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    [FREE]Hope and Tyranith's Dream Shop!

    pineapple cool. im ready to pick up...just let me know when you are available.. i should be available all weekend..
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    Pokeshifting Thread

    i can help people move their pokes. this would help me as well with the dex entries, so there is no need for any payment...unless you want to...i'm available in the mornings, like around this time and the weekends..
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    [FREE]Hope and Tyranith's Dream Shop!

    hi, im interested in the dw torchic
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    sure. im available sunday....what time is it good for you??
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    C.y.a.n's Trading Bazaar

    no problem..see you SUNDAY
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    Sid's Igloo Shop

    ok cool...we can trade them for the Farfetch'd & Sneasel..let me know when you are available..im usually on around 10am california time...but i'll try to log in more often