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  • So what are the odds of you playing another round of PRR? Will you hopefully be joining us in a future round after UR5, such as Kanto, Johto, or even later rounds?

    I know you've been gone a while, and thus you missed a lot. The game has become a lot more competitive and technical since you left, and honestly I doubt that is going to be going away anytime soon.

    It may hamper the game in your opinion, but its the reality of the game now.

    This message is just a heads-up on the state of the game.

    You're methods of dodging are a bit... antiquated. Nowadays you actually have to use a move to block something.

    You know, I could have sworn your favourite Pokemon was Warturtle... I guess not considering it says it's Flareon...

    You were quite the name in Rumbling back in the day. A lot has changed since then game wise. SC and The Fad have won a UR. But you have still won the most with your 6 rounds. SC has won 5, but is done with PRR now. You would have a lot to adapt to that has changed since you left. But if you come back to rumble once, it'd be really cool. I know you don't know me, but I felt the need to say hi because you really were one of the best. Maybe in a while I will be a bigger name. And if you ever do decide to come back on, make sure you say hello.
    I was just wondering if you were ever coming back because I have seen you alot in the PRR hall of fame and it would be epic to see you come back even if it is only for one time
    When you randomly decide to go on serebii just to look around but have no intention of coming back like you did on April 15th, do note that both Sinnoh Champion and I are back plus the PRR is reopened. We really want you back
    Trust me, I've already spoken to him already. He had promised me he would update on the weekend... that is, LAST weekend. I think he thinks that because he decided not to compete in the next round, he thinks he's some kind of hero or something.

    Don't do the update yet. Trust me, EA has a lot less work than you do, so I'll talk to him again.
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