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  • I dunno. Maybe Psi made it explode? In any case, I'm only kinda-sorta on here, now (I have some apologizing to do to some people for my absence, yourself included). Sorry for being inactive. :<
    It's supposed to be a random group, not a copy group. I guess they're just jealous of our 1337 rAnDoM skillz. XD
    Actually, it seems a lot of people started using things I did like the macaroni thing, posting random facts off the net, and the pictures. lol
    o.o I miss le club electrique. Wasn't there a second one while we were still up and running?

    The new additions to the board are nice. Like this little chat stuff. It's like a Pokefan MySpace. X)
    Hi there groundifier! Just hanging around... lurking on the forums... posting on face-offs- Yeah the stuff. Stuff. Filled with electric confetti of doom.
    My puppy was named Copper after the dog in Fox and the Hound, but my Manectric is named Cooper which derives from Copper. X) I misspelled my puppy's name once with two O's instead of two P's and liked it. So, there's the origin of my Manectric's name. haha.
    Lol xD I'm fine thanks! Doing boring stuff in DP, such as... trying the contests >_>
    Long time no see huh? How are you doing!? I've disapeared from Electric Cluub =/
    How have I... bean? Beans? I like beans. Not my absolute favorite, but I like them. Xp

    I'm fine. And yourself? Still a fan of those Electrics, I'll bet.
    My puppy? The one on my profile pic? :D He was my first pup. He died when he was still young... :'( I name my Manectric after him.
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