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  • Thanks for the response. :( I really thought any messages would show up in my email, and so I haven't been checking here in a while. Sorry about that. :> Thanks for answering!
    Hi. I think we've been friends for a pretty long while, yet I've never actually said anything (sorry). Well, this summer, I thought it would be fun to really get to know some people here. Hopefully, I'll get to know you a little, besides just reading your visitor messages.
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    thanks! :D i needed to find a little secret community where i could geek out ;) and here it is! haha. I don't know anyone that plays pokémon anymore </3
    Fine I finaly got explorders of sky now I'm stuck to get to Drowzee for the second time. I'm getting beat in the dungeon. I chose Eevee as the main pokemon and vulpix as partner.
    Well I'm fine i was busy the last couple of days plus my sis is addicted with a game called Grand fantasy and she's almost every day playing it on the pc. You?
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