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Last Activity:
Jun 7, 2019
Feb 25, 2008
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"Squawk!", from Canada

Gryoine was last seen:
Jun 7, 2019
    1. SaltySoul
      Yo, do you happen to have a Discord? I somehow doubt it but I may as well ask. Only asking since I use it more than I do this site.
    2. Nothingjustgo.
    3. Nothingjustgo.
    4. Wind?
      I apologize for the intense lack of updates in PBB. First I was busy dealing with the aftermath of my truck getting wrecked, then I was tied up into looking/getting a new vehicle. Now, updates were beginning to become consistent, but I am dealing with a sickness. I updated yesterday because I was feeling better, but today it has been even worse. I probably won't update today, but will try to tomorrow. My current plan is to update PBB once a day or every other day. 12 hour updates may still happen if we have enough votes and feel like it.
    5. octoboy
      Hey, I haven't done a final turn of a round in a while... Is it ok if I ref the last turn in this one, then you can ref the round after?
    6. octoboy
      You do realize you'll die if you don't push anyone off the cliff, right?
    7. octoboy
      Ok, I guess.
    8. Nothingjustgo.
      Hey man, it was nice rumbling against you. You seem like a cool guy
    9. Wind?
      "Moltres should have had a bit of an advantage as well, but he didn't."

    10. Burakoru
      This is true; this is true..

      But then again, Stealth Rocks.
    11. Burakoru
      Yep. Everyone got Ground-move-happy, giving Numel and Ho-oh a major edge.... especially Numel.
    12. Burakoru
      I wish you luck...

      I'm probably dead.
    13. Burakoru
      Yes, yes he does.

    14. Wind?
      I am sending this to you because you have nominated in "Pokemon Big Brother" before. Season 6 nominations are now open. If you would like to not be informed of this in the future, please let me know.

      But, feel free to nominate if you would like! This is a new season with a brand new story!
    15. Burakoru
      Aww thanks Gry. <3
    16. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      What can the Bicycle be used for?
    17. Burakoru
      Well; that's good. :P
    18. Burakoru
      Huh; that's interesting..

      I also hate that I kept you guys waiting. I left RIGHT before the next round was up too. xD
    19. Wind?
      In order to discover the sixth fan favorite character, there will be a poll for each season featuring all eligible characters. Here is the S1 poll.

    20. Burakoru
      Yes yes it is....I found a Lenny Generator and I got bored with the randomizer, and decided to make that it. xD
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