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  • Does ANYONE really expect their character to do well?

    I didn't expect Gilligan to win the first season; heck, I made him on the spot with no prior thought to making a character, and he somehow won it all. xD

    Though I almost voted for Ezekiel because I want to see him end up in a game with Gilligan, just for the character interaction... but Drajesty really does deserve it in my opinion.
    Saw it myself... it was an interesting concept..... as a rap, wasn't the greatest, but it was an interesting idea.
    Yeah; while I don't listen as often as I used to, I still listen when they make new stuff.....think they had something comin' out today, didn't they.
    Yeah; she's been doing fairly well. Course, Fairy is honestly a REALLY good type since Steel and Poison aren't frequent, and if I run into something that's obviously got those moves I just......don't send her in.

    And that boosted EXP from trade, that helps.
    I've been doing a Pokemon X Wonderlocke, and I wanted a new signature anyways so I've been occasionally updating the signature to match my Wonderlocke Team.

    Got VERY lucky with the Shiny Sylveon.
    Eeeh; I liked Samurott. Was Samurott good competitively or anything? No. But his design looked nice.

    Completely agree on Emboar and Serperior though. Emboar....makes me fear for how a Water/Fighting typed Popplio would go, and Serperior was just odd after having two snake pokemon with legs, going to suddenly no legs.
    You know; I've heard that one a lot...I really don't know what to expect.

    Especially if the (honestly almost confirmed) rumors that Rowlet's going to be based on a Burrowing Owl are true. I know when I saw Froakie/Frogadier I was NOT expecting a ninja with a tongue scarf, when I saw Chespin and Quilladin, I was not expecting an epic beefy rodent knight.. so who knows, maybe Game Freak'll throw us through another loop.
    Yeah. Saw some "leaked" final evolutions.... Rowlet looked like something out of assassin's creed, and Popplio looked like the very definition of Clown Nightmare Fuel...

    I REALLY hope Popplio doesn't go in that direction.
    Aww look at the little Rowlet. <3

    Honestly, I love all three of the Alola starters...I hope they don't ruin any of 'em with the final evolutions.
    My glorious bounty of seals....

    Dangit does this mean I need to start liking Seel? I love Spheal (won a PRR with Walrein after all), and love Popplio, but....eeeeeh, Seel.
    Ah, nice, nice. It's funny, I've gotten into a habit of first-playthrough using the water type for a new region.

    In B/W I used Oshawott (after last-minute mind changing after initially planning to use Snivy), in X/Y I used Froakie (and decided from the beginning I would), plan to use Popplio in Sun/Moon.... it's weird. :p
    ...I'll have to think about that, actually. xD

    Was initially going to call him Subaki, after the character in Fire Emblem Fates, just because of the part in the artwork where he finishes his flip and strikes a pose....and that feels like something the character Subaki would do. But now "Boora" actually sounds adorable. xD I think it'll depend on the evolutions.
    A little stressful. I've got 4 weeks left on a uni project, before I am finished forever. Also I've been summoned for flipping jury service, which overlaps with the project deadline so I'm trying to get it deferred.

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm not on here often.
    Just as a quick check, is RzK's Tyrunt going to be able to use Poison Fang even though he didn't specify a specific pokemon?

    (The chances of him hitting me of all people and not someone who went down the stairs with him is unlikely...just curious)
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