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  • Okay then. Good luck with finishing your bachelors then.

    I mean, I'm not sure either what exactly I want to to do after I finish my masters, so good luck figuring that out.
    Yeah, that's how it is.

    Haha, yeah, kinda. Although my specialisation is more in the direction of sociology. You doing bachelor or master?
    Makes sense that you didn't know since we weren't in contact when it happened, but anyways, I'm doing international development studies (with some climate courses thrown in).

    It was even worse when I was in a skype group full of Americans just before and after the game came out there. :p And then there was the wait to even get the EU release date in the first place.
    Sadly, I'll have to wait a bit until I'll be able to get Fates, because Europe. :/
    Enjoy your holidays. :)
    Actually, I've finished my bachelor last year, and now I'm working on my masters.
    Among other things: playing Monster Hunter, getting hyped for Fates, finishing my Bachelor.
    How about you?
    In all honesty I probably won't, at least not any time soon. Lots of stuff going on IRL, and when I am online I try to put my time towards a community on twitch I've made my way into. I'm a mod there and everything, so I do have some duties in that group. :p
    do you see this this is as fast as i xcacc bnoog o gi wiitgh bteh stilus

    yay, I went at Sonic speed
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