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  • It's trufax, I'm afraid.

    I'll never be able to hold that thing in one hand. It just looks like a enlarged Galaxy II

    You should definately consider raising all your characters to Lv. 3 Red Mage to get HP +20%. My god that extra 20% will be a godsend.

    Tell me about it. I'd rather deal slightly less damage for half the MP. Granted, you won't be having MP problems at the very late part of the game, but you're tearing things apart anyway by that time.
    Does it snow there in Winter?

    Really? That's surprising, hahaha, looking at the Dex I feel there are too many I want to use, lol.
    More trees that I know what to do with. Since our last VMs, I managed to find sand in the nearby Taiga biome's river, and among a lot of improvements, I'm replacing all the wood panelling in my house with stone brick.

    Nice Shuckle.
    I'm sure the minor tweaks were beneficial to some people; I guess you have to be really into the mechanics of the game to enjoy it.
    Then again, it's a game of trigger happy nine year olds who are constantly fornicating with each others mothers.

    It's pretty good, you should give it a whirl.

    So I've finally acquired Black 2, and I have to say, it's pretty great. Azumarill is definitely the most OP early game.
    idk, literature, probs. I don't really have a solid idea of what I want to do, I'll figure it out when the time comes.

    haha yeah that's lucky :p but still I prefer to write my own lyrics, since I think that's something I can do well, while I'm not so certain how I fare on the music side of things.

    I know. The first time you do it it's like 'oh this shoudn't be too hard' but then you keep making mistakes, having to re-record, even sometimes resorting to cutting and pasting bits of track together... it doesn't take long for it to get tiresome.

    EDIT: also have you talked to alex recently? I haven't seen him on MSN in like 2 months.
    *converts to Celsius* oh wow, that's terrible. :/

    jealous/10. Have fun though! Just wondering, but any reason for no non-Unova Pokemon in your team?

    Also also how's uni treating you?
    Umm.. The pie is a lie? x)

    It's ridiculous. Look at the Galaxy Note line of phones. You may as well call them mini Tablets and call it a day. At least Apple has the decency to make phones look like...phones.

    Enjoy the older FFs more like it. The amount of random battles alone will have those new impatient fans Ragequitting. I recall you said you enjoyed FFV? If so, by all means, get it. If you're really iffy on the price, try paying $3.99 for chapter 2 then justifying the price off that.

    Is there ever a game in the FF series where Golem is the most broken thing ever? Both Tactics and V say no x) I just find Black Magick to be more efficient af the end of the day tbh.
    I started my first ever Minecraft game tonight. No sand to be found anywhere. T_T
    I picked an interesting location, though. I'm on the edge of a Forest biome and bordering a Taiga biome. Apparently that's a good thing?
    Butbutbut.. We have cake?

    Tell me about it. The Galaxy SIII was too big for me to hold for a long period of time with one hand. Then again, my hands are tiny so...

    I've clocked about 15 hours into it. It uses FFV's Job system and is fairly streamlined, as in you don't get to explore the entirety of the world map until the very end. Instead, you play bits and pieces of it per 'story'. You also get split into two different parties, so take that as you will. I'm personally enjoying it, although I do think complaints about the price are pretty legit. It does contain the content that justifies the price tag, but...

    iirc using Bahamut every turn with Rydia for Boss Battles. I pretty much used Black Magick for every other battle, though. Were they any useful in FFV? I don't recall =|
    Too bad I lack an xbox or decent pc xD
    I'm glad they did it this way, expanding the story instead of forcing another war game.

    I've recently made a very sneaky orc named Jerry... and with 100 sneak he can stand in front of people and pickpocket them.
    If you like minecraft, you'll love Terraria. It's a dollar on steam I think, but pirating it is free >:D

    I'm pretty excited, thanks !
    Nah, I've heard about it though, is it any good?

    There's actually a ton of JRPGs I want but they're so damn expensive.
    Study arts, at my local university, probs. Can't afford to travel anywhere else.

    Yeah lyrics are always the hardest part... you can get the music out just by mashing keys. The lyrics, you actually have to think about. Lol a bit of Metroid's always good.

    Mad. I'll be sure to check them out when they exist... I probably won't be uploading anything for a while since I've been getting lazy / focusing on improving my piano. Recording is a lot of effort... I find that, at least.
    ahahaha yeah :p And speaking of being sick, I've somehow gotten a cold/sore throat today, most likely because it was 10 degrees colder today than it was yesterday lol. That or my hayfever's coming on. Gotta love Spring~

    mmm I'm going to get it after exams end because I'm not going to be able to play it until then anyway :p
    As much as your wife? x)

    imo it's trying to be a mini-computer. It just doesn't work and the only real reason people use Android OS devices is because they cost practically nothing imo

    That being said, it was a great game x) FFT was much more breakable though. My god that game was ridiculous.

    And even then, you could have Vanille/Lightning use Curaga. I suppose they were useful in IV and... that's about it imo.
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